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    PC Specs needed to run Arma Exile server ?

    #2 - will my internet be able handle the up AND down stream traffic? (remember, all players are UPSTREAM traffic to you/server) #3 - will my ISP even ALLOW this? (most ISP's in the US forbid running any private server on a 'home account') #4 - how many FPS's do you wish to have at any given moment? #5 - how much 'up time' can you/do you have with the proposed ISP? #6 - do you have stuff such as a power supply (UPS) for the laptop when the power goes out? #7 - do you have any sort of backup plans in case of the laptop's failure? which guide you used to install all this stuff on your dual core?
  2. PC Specs needed to run Arma Exile server ? I have old dual core laptop would it be enough ?!
  3. RedQA

    Modsignatur / Keys vom Server nicht akzeptiert

    dont worry this server garbage anyway , the Moderators are brainless idiots.