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  1. Hi, thanks for the replys, and yes we found a guide and we build up ours server, my post was before of that and i forgot to remove it. Anyway i want to ask for other problems that we had encountered; I don't know how to: Add the veichle's content for load supply box, Add the possibilty to move and load the supply box in the vehicle, Add the possibilty to Open the inventory while the player is inside of a vehicle, Add the "show territory radius", it doesn't work on XM8. Last question, i made some building with editor, then in the game i put a territory flag near by, is there a way to move/ unlock the object that i placed in the editor? Because they are locked. PS.sorry for my english
  2. Hello all, I'm here for asking a little help to create my own Exile scenario to play with my friends, max ten players, no more, we have a good server machine ready to use but we not have idea hoe to create a scenario with exile, i tried to find a guide and videos but they are a little bit confused. There is guide step by step do make it? Or better can i use premade exile scenarios like Altis and modify only something? Thanks very much Alex