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  1. not to sure if @Rabid Panda was having the same issue but I'm having issues with my VG causing vehicles to not get deleted off the server when they are sold, blown up, or deleted by admins. currently using exad's VG. looking for a GOD to help me.
  2. have issues getting AVS to work. any ideas?
  3. Hey slider did you get this to work yet?
  4. For some reason I can not re-spawn at my base. Anyone else had this issue and has resolved it?
  5. @kuplion You have the answer for everything! But i never know where or how to use the "answer" hopefully you respond to at least this one.
  6. where would i have to put that line of code? @kuplion
  7. Thanks for the response. I got it to work by redoing everything i did before step by step slowly and found extra brackets. Hopefully this forum helps another person!
  8. I narrowed it down back to my Config.cpp in my mission pbo. but still can't find the problem. Can you give my config a quick scan? The recent change before this error was trying to add Cup weapons, vehicles, and units to my traders. CFGEXILEARSENAL CFGTRADERCATERGORIES CFGTRADERS Thanks in Advance.
  9. Checking it now, thank you for the fast response.
  10. I have no clue why it can not read the header from my description.EXT, HEEEEELLLLPPP!