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    64 bit server

    when im running my server on 64bit its use 20%~30% of CPU and if you said its take more RAM so its okay for my machine cuz i have 24GB ram to use. if you can recommend to me to make it work better i will be very happy to hear
  2. LeadEx

    64 bit server

    thank you..
  3. LeadEx

    64 bit server

    if i'm running my server in 64bit its use more CPU?
  4. LeadEx

    buy for items

    it is possible to to buy something for items and not poptabs?
  5. LeadEx

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    When i try to set bounty on someone its said i already set on someone but its first time. any fix?
  6. LeadEx

    [Liberation] Tanoa PVP

    Welcome To The Liberation Gaming Server We Make a very big server to Have FUN. Active admins, Good fps and easy to start. Features Extended Base Mod Recipes ZCP Capture Points DMS Missions Traveling Safe Zones Deploy 4 different vehicles Unlimited Lockers Spawn Base Enigma Revive Claim Any Spawned Vehicle Load crates into Vehicle Sell from crate Service Points for Rearm/Repair Advanced Towing/Rappelling Custom Loadouts for Respect Advanced craft system Paintshop Vehicle Craft (CDAH Mod) Soon Safe Lock Picking Bounties Paint Base Dynamic Weather And much more