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  1. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    You can, by magic the npc only needs the tube backpack. Them you can adjust the amount of tube backpacks vs regular backpacks. Originally i was looking to create a new array for that stuff but since my coding skills are Equal to a door I gave up. I also added grenades and mines to misc and food array. Then they Will use grenades also... And place mines ;-)
  2. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    I have put mortar tubes in backpack equipment ( brute force ) but if you find a more clever way of doing it pls let me know :-) /Mahogny
  3. Mahognys

    AdminToolkit for Arma 3 v2.2.2 - Exile Edition

    Yes Ole I have seen that and also tried to make a new quick button. When i press the button ingame it tells me that Im missing at least 1 parameter. And i dont know what parameters available for godmode and in general what commands available. (im like born yesterday coding wise :-) Best regard Mahogny
  4. A3xai - I use an unarmed huron as reinforcement heli. The huron arrives , spots me but fly away again. If I shoot it down to see the npc content only the pilot ejects. Why are there not being spawned paratropers ? Best regards Mahogny ----------------- EDIT ------------------- I have fixed it. Found another version of a3xai from snarkindustries nad that version had paratroopers dropping from reinforcements heli. I found that some code where missing/left out in Kuplions version and added it back in. Config file between "//AI types permitted " and "//Maximum time for reinforcement " //Probability to deploy infantry AI. If chance roll fails, air vehicle will remain in area for duration defined by airReinforcementDuration0-3 and engage detected players //Unarmed air vehicle will always have a 1.00 probability to deploy at least 1 infantry AI unit. airReinforceDeployChance0 = 0.60; airReinforceDeployChance1 = 0.70; airReinforceDeployChance2 = 0.80; airReinforceDeployChance3 = 0.90; Now when ai calls for reinforcement heli , it arrives and deploys the troopers :-)
  5. Mahognys

    AdminToolkit for Arma 3 v2.2.2 - Exile Edition

    Hi Ole Is there any documentation on how to create the "quick button" keys ? I would like a button that gives me "godmode" I have made the button appear but im unsure about the command ? Best regards mahogny.
  6. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    I have equipped the npc with mortars and they will spawn a mortar and use it depending on the situation.
  7. Mahognys

    A3xai add grenades to AI loadout

    @Riker2335 did you add grenades to the loadout in a3xai and where did you add/change ? Maybe you can post your a3xai config here so I can take a peek at it ?
  8. Mahognys

    A3xai add grenades to AI loadout

    Im using vcom ai along with dma, occupation and a3xai. It is a pve server with looots of ai action and pretty hostile too ;-) I have added mortar backpacks to dms loadout and also a3xai. So when i meet a group minimum 1 guy will deploy his mortar and start the bombardment ;--) So I just wanted them to have all the gear possible to give us hell on altis. I could also add grenades to the already defined "food" or "misc" load but i´m not sure iff they have it avail while alive or only when they are dead.
  9. Hi guys, I hope someone can help me on this. I want to add grenades to A3xai ai loadout so they can use the grenades in battle. There does not seem to be an option in the config.cpp for adding this. There is miscLoot and miscfood predefined. I have looked inside the A3XAI folders files for generating stuff but I cannot figure this out. Could I add a "miscexplosives" in config.cpp but what files uses this array ? and is this only for lootpool and not for the AI to use ? Thx in advance.
  10. Hi Im playing on a server that runs exile 1.0.3 and arma 1.76. when entering the game the screen tells me that "exile enigma revive mod" is loaded. But when i buy a defribilator and use it on a dead guy (before timer runs out) nothing happens other than it looks like im doing stuff with the dead person... Am I doing it wrong ?