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  1. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Thx for posting Aussie. Im gonna test it out :-)
  2. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    @aussie battler Are you using this as standalone or are you merging it with the old 3.2.2 ? cause as far as I can see it has different folder structure and also missing some features like suppression.
  3. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    3.3.0 was released back in march. And is the exact version that is causing rpt errors because of bug in suppression feature.
  4. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    What vcom version/build are you using with this fix ? I am still getting a error with the edited fn_GroupGetSuppression.sqf /Porkeld
  5. Mahognys

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Well the “fix” was to disable suppression for now :-)
  6. ** WORKAROUND ** for HC and vehicles not unlocking after mission completion. in GMS_fnc_configureMissionVehicle.sqf Find : _veh setVehicleLock "LOCKEDPLAYER"; and change to _veh setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"; save and repack It basicly unlocks the vehicle when it spawn so the player can enter it any given time. /Porkeld
  7. These type of errors/misbehaves are time consuming and rarely easy to fix. Are any of you using vcom ai ?
  8. Maybe they empty their pockets before they get out ? ;-) Joke aside I have not experinced less loot than before. You could try and use and older version before you added vehicle and test out. "A3XAI Debug: Group O Bravo 2-5 (Level 3) is calling reinforcements." "A3XAI Debug: Spawned AI O Charlie 1-2:1 with unitLevel 3 for group O Charlie 1-2." "A3XAI Debug: Spawned AI O Charlie 1-2:2 with unitLevel 3 for group O Charlie 1-2." "A3XAI Debug: Spawned AI O Charlie 1-2:3 with unitLevel 3 for group O Charlie 1-2." "A3XAI Debug: Created AI air reinforcement group O Charlie 1-2 is now active and patrolling." "A3XAI Debug: Paradrop group O Charlie 1-3 with 6 units deployed at [16127.4,17429.8,0] by B_Heli_Transport_01_F group O Charlie 1-2." "Debug: Cleaning up reinforcement group O Charlie 1-2." "Debug: [""A3XAI_transferGroup_PVS"",O Charlie 1-2]" "A3XAI Debug: Deleting air_reinforce group O Charlie 1-2." This is the log for the reinforcement group. The heli also flew around 1700-1900 meters away and "froze" I
  9. Check your dms config. What is your : DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = DMS_ai_freezingDistance =
  10. I´ll give it a look tomorrow :-) Thx for testing.
  11. Is that periodicly thing or all the time ?
  12. @kuplion Please do so :-) Also you should make a note of the bug with reinforcement heli and HC. I made a comment about a workaround for it. You can Just the text as it is or edit it. But the issue is basicly : A3xai with no hc connected = reinforcement heli either drops troopers or attacks player if armed. A3XAI with HC connected = reinforcement heli either drops troopers or hovers above player until reinforcement time ends. You can find me in exile discord under the name Porkeld if you have any questions. You could also take a peek and see why it goes retard when a HC is connected ;-) /Porkeld
  13. add to config below miscLoot[] array //AI Medical item types. // Note: medicalLoot will not be read if generateMedicalFood is enabled. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ medicalLoot[] = {"Exile_Item_InstaDoc","Exile_Item_Bandage","Exile_Item_Vishpirin"}; I will update guide Thx for helping DEH4NK