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  1. Yeah I have done all that before. I am running Exile on cherno redux map on my local server just fine . I have tried to set up cherno2035 the same way, it just doesn't find the mission.
  2. Great stuff, I love this map. If only I could get it to load. Just a quick question, I noticed the mission pbo of this map is still called Sz_fall, yet the folder is called Chernarus 2035. Any idea what the start up parameters are meant to be for the bat file? Thanks in advance
  3. Great stuff, works a treat. Thank you
  4. Thanks for this, I managed to get it working. Just needed to read, read and then read again the instructions. My head hurts
  5. Yeah I may have been getting a bit confused. I managed to get it working. I installed the new Exad compiled by Super jerome which included your recruit ai script. http://www.exilemod.com/topic/25899-update-exad-v104/#comment-187928 Works great now thanks.
  6. Can't believe I am only on step 2 of read me and hit a wall already. Instructions are; and my Exile.ini is; I don't get what part I have to replace. Am I just adding "SQL1_1 = SELECT id FROM vehicle LIMIT ?,?" to my files?
  7. Forgive me for sounding dumb, but this folder "DeployVehicle" doesn't appear to be in the download link given
  8. If I already have the basic built in XM8 app on my server, wont adding this conflict with what I already have?
  9. np
  10. Thanks for this. On another note, i cant seem to figure out how to get MAS Vehicles (and weapons) to work on my server, using the Trader mod master files you put up. Has the name of the mod been changed client side to @NATO_Rus_Vehicle? (I installed the exact same way using CUP and TRYK and they work great) The mission loading screen just freezes when trying to join the server. There are no obvious errors on the RPT, the server finds them all ok and nothing really stands out client side either.
  11. Great, got it working (Thanks to help from hogansheroes, thanks pal) Only problem I have is there is no sound when the EVR approaches and hits. The sound files are definitely in the mission pbo. EDIT/////////////////////////////////////////////// Got it sorted. I never added my "class config sounds" to my config.cpp
  12. I will have another crack at it m8. Just one question, when you say What do you mean? Remove it or add quotation marks? Many thanks
  13. Tried this, seems to work now and then. Hit and miss really, either works or does the move back 10 meters animation resulting in combat indicator blinking and taking damage. Tried this too; Same result sadly. I have taken the mod off as i get the feeling it will leave me dead in a heap somewhere. Its bad enough being killed by opening a door without adding being killed by vaulting a fence
  14. Great stuff, thanks
  15. I noticed the original DMS missions have a percentage to spawn setting. Most are set to 3 or 4. I take it these below can be altered to fit to keep the whole lot random? Would adding the total number of missions divided by 100 give the required random spawn chance number?