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  1. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    @ WURSTKETTE You see me speechless .... That tip was worth a billion and I can´t tell you how much I appreciate your help! Awesome. I have now one slot free after BOOM app. Thank you so much for your help!! You rock!!
  2. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    @ wilderness We also only one page for all apps. we are having all standard apps from XM8 on first page and the last three on the second page of XM8. Then we have the 6 apps from infiStar. So 5 places left for apps on the second page. The only app we would like to add is VG. But this overlays the first app of infiStar. I will try the link you have sent wrt to scrolling this week and give you all some feedback. Thanks so much for your replys so far.
  3. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    Thank you for your reply wilderness. I would love to do that, but as you said the InfiStar Apps are not scrolling. We had the issue the the ExAd VG overlay an app from infiStar in XM8 on the second page. How did you fix this?
  4. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    Sorry to bother you again, but we are new to Arma 3 Exile Server Setup I have found the SQF I should call in this addon downloadable at github There is a readme.txt which explains how to install the mod - I understand the whole desciption (database changes and files changes), but logically, if I change all this on server side and make the changes in malden.pbo - this will not work with infiStar Apps I guess. So sorry if we are not understanding this right away - but how do I bring changes to infiStar and malden.pbo together? Should I just install everything as mentioned in readme.txt and call the sqf in infiStar Apps and this will work? I would really really appreciate it, if you could explain this to us a little bit more. Thanks so much in advance. Lana
  5. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    You are correct. I have taken it from ExAd, but since we have the infiStar Apps/Addons the Virtual Garage is always on an XM8 spot which is already taken by an infiStar app. Therefore, we thought it would be nice if we could add the VG into the infiStar as custom app. Do you know how to add the VG on a certain spot in XM8?
  6. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    Hi all, we are using infiStar Apps/Addone and would like to include the virtual garage as a new app into XM8. Unfortunately, we do not know how to include the VG and where to find / add the scripts exactly. Can anybody please help us? Thanks in advance, Shadow
  7. Shadowsong

    TRAPPED on Malden | Exile

    To all Heroes and Bandits ....Welcome... You need the following mods (all available in Steam Workshop) to join us ingame: Exile Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing CBA_A3 Extended Base Mod KA Weapons Pack NIArms All-in-One ( Project Infinite TRYK Zombies and Demons We have friendly active admins playing. The server runs BattlEye & infiSTAR anti-hacks. Our admins do NOT use infiSTAR tools ingame and they will play after server rules like any other player on the server. Nobody will interfere with your gameplay unless you request help. Server Features: Zombies 15,000 Pop Tabs (In Locker) Black Market Trader Halo or Ground Spawn option on Respawn Paint (Custom paint for buildings and vehicles) DMS ZCP Missions Vehicle Crashes and loot crates Change View Distance (XM8 More) Remote CCTV Camera (XM8 More) Vehicle Health Point Bars (XM8 More) Private Chat (XM8 More) Crafting Guide (XM8 INFO Apps) Server Info (XM8 INFO Apps) Enigma Revive (Need Defibrillator) vote day or night Terrain Protection = 25 days until base is deleted if not paid Vehicles = 14 days until deletion if not used Stolen Flag = 9 days until base wiped We are looking forward for you to join us. If you have any problems connecting, please join us in Teamspeak. We will help you in any way we can.
  8. Shadowsong

    MarXet installation

    Hi, we installed the Marxet Addon on our server, but we are not sure what to do with this line in Client configuration: In either init.sqf or initPlayerLocal.sqf, add [] execVM "MarXet\MarXet_Init.sqf"; Please see initPlayerLocal.sqf as JPG attached. Maybe you could help and tell us where exactly we should put this line? Thank in advance for your help. BR Lana