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  1. Right now the AI will only listen to the Team Leader. Is anyone aware of a way to alter that? Example. If I am in a party with other players and I am not the group leader then the units I spawn do can not be commanded by me. They will however interact with the leader of the party. thanks!
  2. Greetings, Is there a way to tie the shutdown time on the status bar to settings within exile_server_config? I currently use the rcon class to restart my server every 6 hours. So it currently is not at set times of the day. Thank you Joe
  3. Greetings, Is anyone else having issues with being kicked while interacting with occupation traders with the current version of Infistar? Works fine in v87 but in the latest version we get kicked out of game without any errors being generated in any logs. Can interact with normal trader without any issue. Thank you
  4. Greetings, I added a second trader area on my altis map and no marker appears for them. Can anyone suggest what changes i need to make to show the marker for the second trader zone? Thank you, Disregard. I had the trader names the same. Once I changed that the marker came up on the second one. thanks again,