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  1. That block matches what I have. The action is available but does not function when the hostile AI are dead. It seems as though the 'blck_unguarded' variable is not being changed when the last AI is killed. This is the case for both the enemy commander and hostage missions.
  2. Thanks, I will dig through the files and see what I can turn up. In the meantime, I've been running into some issues with the asset missions not completing when the other AI have been killed? The 'Capture' addaction doesn't result in mission completion and gives the negative message as though the 'blck_unguarded' variable is not being updated when the last non-asset unit has been killed.
  3. Thanks for the response! I did sort out the dynamic vs defined loadouts since I had made that post but I am still having some trouble with the boat patrols. I had the scuba groups already disabled but I went ahead and changed the counts to 0 as you recommended. I still end up with two or three AI treading water in regular uniforms (as opposed to scuba gear) and the boats have only two or three crew each. Is there a way to define how many gunners and passengers they should spawn with? The vehicles have plenty of room for the ones swimming.
  4. I've been trying to set up this system for a while now but I keep running into a couple issues. First - is there any way to specify the number of AI added to the vehicles vs in the water in the UMS missions? I'm trying to set one up with just a couple armed boats and no swimmers. I am able to prevent the scuba AI from spawning but I always end up with empty seats on the boats and AI treading water in full gear. Second - the gear selection seems to ignore what I have specified in the config files as they spawn with random uniforms and weapons which are not listed in any of the configs and some not even the trader lists or loot tables. Our server is using WWII and Vietnam equipment - I keep seeing AI spawning with plate carriers, LRR's and Cyrus's with a random assortment of clothes. This second one may be tied to an error I keep seeing in the RPT - If anyone can offer some advice, I would love to get this system working properly.
  5. Gristle

    AI Support Units

    I've been trying out this system on my WWII/Vietnam themed server. Fire support works well and CAS mostly works. By that I mean it does summon the requested aircraft however since there is no way to relay a target to attack or suppress (such as with AI squad members) it relies on the pilot and crew identifying and engaging targets. Quite a few times I see them get shot down without firing a shot. Would it be possible to script an airstrike similar to the fire support system with a map coordinate selected for the target?
  6. Gristle

    Unsung Vehicle Music

    I appreciate the assist. Unfortunately that did not correct the issue. I had already added 'class uns_mbox_fnc_remoteSay3D { allowedTargets=0; };' which is the call in tannoy.sqf, located in the uns_air.pbo. I'm not sure if those need to be revised as allowedTargets = 1 but I suspected it wouldn't make a difference if 0 didn't work.
  7. Gristle

    Unsung Vehicle Music

    Has anyone tried to get the Unsung music to work with Exile? The mousewheel menu still shows the addAction functions but they do not work. The other mod-specific functions like deploying camo, launching flares and smoke grenades do. I've tried listing each of the songs in my description.ext under cfgsounds and pointing to the Unsung files like so: class BadMoonRising { name = "BadMoonRising"; sound[] = {"\uns_air\sounds\BadMoonRising.ogg",1,1}; titles[] = {}; }; Unfortunately this hasn't worked either. Can anyone offer advice?
  8. Gristle

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Has anyone found a way to specify what static weapons will be selected for a particular mission file? I’ve managed to select AI loadouts and patrol vehicles for individual missions (so I can match vehicles to factions). I’ve made some attempts to do the same with statics but have not been successful. Edit - I'm familiar with the format given in the fn_SpawnAIStaticMG.sqf which is as follows: Usage: [ [ // Array of static gun positions _pos1, _pos2, ... _pos3 ], _group, // GROUP: Group to which the AI unit(s) belongs to _class, // STRING: "random","assault","MG","sniper" or "unarmed" _difficulty, // STRING: "random","static","hardcore","difficult","moderate", or "easy" _side, // STRING: "bandit","hero", etc. _MGClass // (OPTIONAL) STRING: classname of the MG. Use "random" to select a random one from DMS_static_weapons ] call DMS_fnc_SpawnAIStaticMG; However this only allows you to specify one classname. On larger missions such as AI bases, it's desirable to use more than one type of static weapon. I suppose next I will try adding additional calls for the static positions such as _staticGuns1, _staticGuns2, etc and see if that works with specified static weapons.
  9. Gristle

    1950's-era PVE Server

    I've been developing a Tanoa server using low-tech equipment using the IFA3, FOW, CSA38, Unsung and a few other mods. Thus far things are humming along nicely but the population has always been fluctuating. I would like to push it more into the RP field but would love some feedback and suggestions how to encourage this (short of a laundry list of rules) and how to find like-minded folks that might enjoy it. Thus far it is heavy on crafting and scavenging including vehicle crafting. I've implemented the MarXet player market to encourage a secondary player economy as there are a lot of desirable items which are not purchasable such as crafting ingredients and rare weapons and ammunition. For hostile forces I'm using DMS missions, Occuption 'hit squads' and loot crate guards and A3XAI air patrols and random spawns. Presently there is no 'good' or 'bad' faction on the server - the missions represent American, British, German, Japanese, Russian and Vietnamese forces and players are free to wear whatever suits them. Lastly, since the weapons are primarily WWII to early Vietnam-war era, engagement distances are much shorter than with the vanilla weapons as scopes are few and far between and a vast majority are bolt action or semiauto only. This definitely changes the way battles play out as you must be considerably closer which puts submachine guns, shotguns and even pistols into a viable position. MOD EDIT: Please don’t post server links or IP when recruiting staff. POSTER EDIT: Anyone interested in being involved with this project please send me a message.
  10. Gristle

    Gravelton Exiles - 1940's-50's

    Welcome to Gravelton! Now the third server to bear the name - we've gone historic this time. Features and Addons Vehicles and weapons from the 1930's on to the late 1950's. Expect to see tanks, half tracks, cargo trucks, Jeeps and prop planes. Most weapons use iron sights which force engagement distances to be much closer than you've been accustomed to. The close ranges make pistols, submachine guns and shotguns very viable if not preferable choices. With carefully tweaked AI, this plays considerably differently than a normal Arma experience! Weapons, Uniforms and Vehicles from: IFA3 AIO Lite Faces of War IFA3 Liberation CSA 38 Unsung Sab's Secret Weapons LEN AIO GEIST-A3 Lite Hostile AI are found at marked missions and town invasions. AI troops are also found protecting hidden loot crates. Some of the best gear are found in these crates! Riot squads are dispatched to chase down players - a message will announce the targeted player to give you a chance to take cover or run! Beware of hostile air patrols. They will strafe you with machine guns if they spot you. Hostile AI Provided by: Defent's Mission System (DMS) Exile Occupation A3XAI VEMF Reloaded A strong focus is on scavenging and crafting. As such we also have a player market for you to easily trade desirable loot with fellow players. All vehicles (except Air Drops) are persistent. If you find an unlocked vehicle, it is yours to keep! You will have to change the PIN at a trader to lock it, however. We also have usable trains and cable cars (needs ATS Dev Branch - check the mod collection link). Other Settings: MarXet Player Black Market CDAH Vehicle Crafting Extended Base Mod Extended Survival Mod Advanced Towing, Rappelling, Urban Rappelling and Sling Loading Advanced Train Simulator APOC's Air Drop Assistance Close Air Support and Mortar Fire Support available in XM8 Custom AI/Vehicle Scanner Closing notes - Rare and valuable loot can be found on the outlying islands, especially in the radiation zone. Be cautious if you explore these areas as there have been reports from survivors of unusual and disturbing occurrences in these areas. Gravelton is a welcoming community with active admins. We hope you'll come check it out! Mod collection: Community Discord server: Do NOT use A3Launcher as it will not configure the mods correctly. Use the default Arma 3 Launcher for best results.
  11. Changing classnames won’t work in this instance as I am not using helicopters, I am using planes. The only ones the AI can successfully fly without crashing immediately are heavy bombers. These have several gunner positions which make them formidable in their own right but they also make excellent use of their bombs if you are in a vehicle. I initially tried using guns-only fighters hoping the AI could manage to engage ground targets with strafing runs but they can’t seem to keep them in the air.
  12. Two questions to better fine-tune my Occupation installation. First - is there a way to delay the respawning of the Occupation AI vehicles - specifically the air vehicles. I'd like to grant some time free of airborne harassment after players take down the aircraft. Second - is there a way to remove particular weapons from the AI vehicle? I suspect this would need to be done in the OccupationSky.sqf file but I'm uncertain how to set up the function.
  13. Gristle

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Has anyone encountered mission vehicles spawning inside structures? I’ve had reward vehicles on the ‘field hospital’ mission spawn inside the mission structures and explode and have seen some spawn inside nearby map buildings. This is on Tanoa which seems to have a limited number of viable mission locations due to the terrain.
  14. Gristle

    [RELEASE] [Update 1.3] Vehicle Crafting - CDAH-Mod-Pack

    Is this mod still supported? I have it installed on my Tanoa server but I've found it interferes with some of the default Exile behavior such as gutting animals. The status bar appears but never makes progress. The CDAH system seems to work properly so I suspect the issue may lie with the overrides as it hasn't been updated since 1.0.4 was released. Has anyone attempted to update these files yet?
  15. Gristle

    Infistar Item/Vehicle Spawning

    I saw the question posed a few years ago and the answer was ‘not yet, no’. Is it yet possible to limit the list of items and vehicles displayed in the admin spawn menus? I’m aware there are ways around it but it would be great to be able to limit the temptation for folks to misuse the tools.