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    Server name : [FR/EU] Rescaped | ExileMod | 30k Popstabs | |10k Respect | Modded Server ip : or Site : Server Story : After the War, the convicts that have been Exiled, have taken over Altis The Altis Defence Force left Altis.Now years later they have rearmed and are trying to take back Altis from the convicts that have established bases and created their own economy and BlackMarket Mods required : (16 mods) Exilemod Community Based Addons TAC Vests Temp fix for exile miniguns TRYK CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicules Specialist Military Arms (SMA) RHS : United States Armed Forces (RHSUSAF) RHS : Armes Forces of the Russian Federation (RHSADRF) NIArsenal Complete NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA NATO_Rus_Vehicule Frenzied Mod Pack (FMP) Extended_Base_Mod Server Features: Virtual Garage High FPS High Loot Deployable quad Deployable kart Custom AI Missions Custom Capture Missions 12 Hour Restarts 100 Player Slots Safe Zone + Custom Spawn Points Player Stats