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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. @sir_aawacs remove -netlog grom startparameters, this startparameter causes server crashes since update
  2. Do you found a way to fix that? We have exactly the same problem on our server and can't find the solution, we don't use enhanced movements mod.
  3. Since yesterday i try to run Panthera on my server, but for unknown reason when i connect i spawn on tanoa, i don't know why, here my settings: config.cfg: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Panthera3; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; }; }; servermods="@exileserver\;@infistar_exile\;@infistar_tm" mods="@exile\;@cba_a3\;@cup_terrains_core\;@panthera_a3\;@cup_weapons\;@cup_units\;@cup_vehicles" Platform: linux Solved: I've loaded the mission.sqm in editor and saved it again, after that it worked.