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  1. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    SpecOps Non Safe Zones

    That's very helpful, thanks.
  2. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    GNUG Official Exile ChernoRedux

    GNUG Official Exile ChernoRedux is a recently developed Exile Server on ChernarusRedux which has now been released and is looking for players. Features include 50K Start, Respect Based Loadouts, Scavenge, Player Market, Vehicle Crafting, Vector Building, Base/Vehicle/Uniform Paint, Cloaking Device, DMS, Roaming AI and more.
  3. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    Just loot his backpack instead, remove the briefcase as it no longer works. No idea why
  4. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ


    I think you've completely misunderstood what a Toast is...
  5. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ


    Is it possible to add images to toasts? If so how would I go about it? TIA
  6. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    SpecOps Non Safe Zones

    Hey guys, On my server i'm trying to set up separate SpecOps and make them non-safe zones, I've set the marker attributes to SpecOps Trader for the SpecOps marker with the zone field blank and NonConstructionZone for the surrounding Ellipse marker. However, I'm still getting the "Welcome. God Mode On" and "Goodbye. God Mode Off" messages on the screen when I enter and leave the area. Is there something else I need to do to make them Non-SafeZones? TIA
  7. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    Variable for player in territory and traderzones

  8. Hi all, I've been looking for a way to detect if a player is in a territory or trader zone or not. Are there global variables for this? TIA.
  9. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    Nice script. however, when I kill all the associated ai the vehicle despawns... Looked for a setting for this couldn't see one.
  10. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    Cloaking Device

    ^^ ?
  11. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    It’s one of the bugs it’s developed unfortunately. On my server, he walks sometimes. Or he’ll run when shot at. I’ve asked Fresqo to have a look at it but I’ve had no response yet.
  12. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    Run Database Query

    Hi all, I know this may seem like a stupid question, however, I've searched for an answer without success and as I have a very limited knowledge and experience in Database stuff I need to ask it. How do I run a Query and/or other scripts on my database? Can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial? Any help would be much appreciated. TIA.
  13. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    [Release] Purchased vehicles spawn at specific location

    My bad, was looking in the wrong place, been a long day here lol
  14. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    [Release] Purchased vehicles spawn at specific location

    The file: ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest doesn't seem to exist anymore in Exile 1.0.4 Can anyone shed any light? TIA
  15. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    Have you set up your markers in the editor correctly? They must match the names in each of the arrays: