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  1. Yeah the first one that comes up is for altis life and does not work in Exile. Also i do google and watch vids before asking i have hosted servers for multiple games for ever now and i know how stuff works. I cant seem to find anything related the controls for how to zip tie someone in Exile Vanilla. The vids on youtube that has anything to do with zip ties are in another language that i do not understand. And again..... there are no posts nor vids explaining either the controls or how to change controls or anything even close to this. Not sure what you are trying to prove in your post but i went to a forum where i thought i could get some help but i was clearly wrong. So next time don't just assume someone is a total noob before posting .
  2. Well those videos are trolls and nothing more they never give you the key combination to use them and yes i have them in my inventory.
  3. I did and i didnt find anything
  4. How do i use Zipties in exile?
  5. Thanks man!
  6. Hey! Ok so i need some help on making my own custom Tanoa mission for exile. I have watched plenty of vids on it but none of them teach you how exactly you do it. I'm stuck with the mission.sqm Where do i put stuff and what do i need to remove. Arma 3 editor changes the format so its useless. Also all traders etc are saved in mission.sqm but as far as i know only stuff that is supposed to be there is markers? Hope someone can help me with this, and sorry if it already has been answered.
  7. Not sure if this is right place but i am guessing it is Ok so basically what i am after is if there is a way to change the sound when clicking buttons in the pin code master key interface when locking and unlocking things such as doors or safes. Does anyone know how to do this and could you point me in the right direction?'
  8. I will try this when i get home. Seems like that might fix it as it defines the RSC class...
  9. Tried transferring it to init instead but it still doesn't work
  10. I did exactly like above. Same caps etc
  11. When joining the server i get the message | Resource title RscStatusBar not found
  12. When joining the server i get the message | Resource title RscStatusBar not found