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  1. tchao57

    Andre's Convoy for Exile

    Nop I tried too in Exile 1.0.4 and same problems...
  2. tchao57

    Special action on completion success

    An other idea would be to have a wall who disappear When mission is done. I think I must put a code into _added, but I don't know wich code to add. Help please
  3. Hi there, i'm working to create a Static Mission. I have a question about the completion succes of the mission. I would like to have a close door when the mission is on and this same door will be open when the mission is complete. Have you an idea please on how to do it? (Sorry for my English )
  4. tchao57

    [Guide] Creating DMS static AI mission

    Nothing to do I tried several config but always the same result... Or I have multiple error in the RPT or The AI still move. I guess the problem come in the creation of the group but I really don't know where to search...
  5. tchao57

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    Ok, found it! With new Update 1.0.4 you must to put class RaidSafe, TrapSafe and ScanSafe into class Actions. And it work now.
  6. tchao57

    [Guide] Creating DMS static AI mission

    Hi Super Jerome, thx for answer. it's what I does. I replace _diverGroup with mine (_AiGroup1) but it doesn't work. AI still move. I replaced disableAI "PATH" by "MOVE" either. I haven't VCOMAI.
  7. tchao57

    [Guide] Creating DMS static AI mission

    And now, like Chernaruski I have an AI Group that I want to held there position but it doesn't work too.
  8. tchao57

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    Hi guys, not Working for me after 1.0.4 update. I can lockpick doors but not Container and unable to rig them. No error in the logs and RPT
  9. tchao57

    [Guide] Creating DMS static AI mission

    Ok for the first question I think I have found. It miss this code in the file:
  10. tchao57

    [Guide] Creating DMS static AI mission

    Hi, thx for all of this ! I have a little problem: Question 1: Question 2: Is there a way to have a setdir for just one AI who look in wrong direction, especially for 1 staticgun? Thx in advence (Sorry for my English)
  11. tchao57

    Realtime Restarts

    Hi, try this: It work for me.
  12. tchao57

    Add fuel pumps in Altis

    I already try with fuel pods but when someone land on it, it break no?
  13. tchao57

    Add fuel pumps in Altis

    You can land on Fuel station's roof added with eden editor and refuel choppers??
  14. tchao57

    Add fuel pumps in Altis

    Yep when I look at it I haven't the option to refuel. But normaly when you land on a fuel station the chopper must be autorefuel like other fuel station.
  15. tchao57

    Add fuel pumps in Altis

    Hi there, is it possible to add Fuel Station in Altis to auto refuel choppers? I tried to do it in Eden and paste the Mission.sqm in my Mission root folder but no luck it doesn't work. The fuel Station is visible but when I land on the roof, nothing happens. In Eden it work however. Any idea? Thx