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  1. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  2. Thanks for the report!
  3. Don't forget the leaflets! Everybody loves leaflets
  4. https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile/wiki/Changelog#september-2-2017-1240-pm-cst-america
  5. @johnyboy2o11 Just follow the instructions. It will automatically generate exceptions for your scripts.txt as scripts logs are created. It doesn't matter if you have any other mods or addons running.
  6. We still have upcoming changes and tweaks pending, don't you worry.
  7. It's a framework for Many addons have been created to build on this framework to suit various play styles and scenarios.
  8. Fixed, thanks
  9. You might want to consider tweaking your basic.cfg
  10. This is not the correct location to make a ban appeal for infistar. Either join his discord or make a ticket on his website. Thread locked.
  11. Keep in mind that "Better" UI tends to be subjective. Eichi was experimenting with a plethora of themes and designs before settling on the current one. He also did a lot of research and made decisions on the "requirements" for the UI before selecting it. If you don't like it, you're more than welcome to override the vanilla Exile UI.
  12. Infistar typically relies on the presence of BE filters, at least for some of its functions, and uses them to complement its anti-hack features: neither BE Filters nor Infistar is a replacement for the other. Unfortunately, because Infistar only has access to script commands, it is fairly limited in scope of what it can do to detect/prevent cheaters (but @infiSTAR still makes the most of it). This is why the anti-hack comes with a set of BE filters you can use. I would say that if you aren't going to use the kicking function of most of the filters, that you at least log some things.
  13. @[AI] Stalker That is incorrect due to a variety of reasons. The "fn_FillCrate" function is designed so that no modifications are needed to the script itself, thanks to the option to pass code (and its parameters) directly to the function. All you have to do is create a function that will return a list with 3 sets of values: Weapons, Items, and Backpacks. So if you had a list that defined "_crate_weapons_scopes", and you wanted to add each scope from that list one by one, you would do: private _weapons = []; private _items = []; private _backpacks = []; { _items pushBack _x; } forEach _crate_weapons_scopes; [ _weapons, _items, _backpacks ] You define and initialize the list of weapons, items, and backpacks at the top. No weapons or backpacks are added in this example, so they remain empty lists when they get to the bottom. Then the script simply cycles through "_crate_weapons_scopes" and adds each scope to the list of items. Finally, at the bottom, the values are "returned" to whatever script/function that called the script in the example. In this case, you would simply return a list with: "Weapons, Items, and Backpacks" in the form that DMS expects/requires. The fillCrate function will then handle the rest.
  14. @CaptainChaos The special mission "wrapper" doesn't care what's actually inside of the mission file. It only handles when the mission spawns. Once the mission is selected, it's just like any other mission. @533DK I'm still unclear as to your exact intention. If you want to prevent the crate from being blown up, you can use DMS_GodmodeCrates. If you want to re-spawn a crate with the same loot parameters you simply call fn_fillcrate with the same values that are in the mission. Keep in mind that this will almost certainly NOT give you the same exact loot, but instead will spawn another set of loot in the crate, but with the same parameters (because the loot each time is randomized).