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  1. Hey bud, 

    I used your most wanted files from the server git hub you linked, thank you very much for sharing. When i have an open contract and kill the player I dont get the option to claim the contract, the database is not updating that I killed the player. Did you experience this at any point? 


    If you learned anything about the system that might help I would be really appreciative. 




    1. Falcon911


      Most wanted files were from the mod. 


    2. General_Jacob


      right i got that, I was just inquiring as to whether you had encountered the same issue as you modified the original files

    3. Falcon911


      No. nothing like that happened. BUT no one really took to it so I dropped it in the end. 

  2. General_Jacob

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    I have accepted the contract and killed the guy in question but it does nothing for some reason. I dont get the claim option, its not updating the database. Any help?
  3. General_Jacob

    loadScreen - picture logo.jpg not found

    @WURSTKETTE did you ever fix this one?
  4. General_Jacob

    First Person Only Zones.

    did anyone ever get the 1st person with no 3rd person for a second working? Where a player cant spam third person to see for a second?
  5. General_Jacob

    Vehicles disapear when towing

    are there any further improvements to this thread? I recently starting experiencing this issue and cant figure out whats causing it
  6. General_Jacob

    Vehicle and AI Hitpoints

    well see heres my issue with that potential answer, 1) it is not the same on all servers as plenty of them have the same turrets with working hitpoints and 2) they worked on my server as well to a point but somewhere along the line the hitpoints broke/were deleted/something. I am working myself to figure it out but am still seeking a bit more insight
  7. General_Jacob

    Crash everytime shutdown server

    In case anyone cares, when I had this problem my firewall was blocking my connection. Hope that helps somebody. Feel free to toss me a like if so <3
  8. General_Jacob

    Vehicle and AI Hitpoints

    Hi all, I have the RPT errors for duplicate hitpoints on vehicles and turrets, and missing hitpoints for one plane as well. I was hoping for some help because while most people say "leave it alone everyone has stuff like that" it has made AI and players invincible in certain vehicle positions. Where hitpoints are missing obviously the entity in question can not be hit and to me that is not a "leave it alone" issue but something to fix somewhat immediately. If anyone has ever corrected these issues or has any insight I would love whatever help I can get. For reference i have these: and these:
  9. General_Jacob


    I had made a stupid error and have corrected it. Sorry for posting needlessly
  10. General_Jacob


    Hi all, Has anyone hosted (if allowed) a Fallujah map? If so does anyone know how to get it running? Ive set it up like any other map but it fails to properly find or load the config.bin. I suppose that makes it a prefix or pathing issue but I have not been able to figure it out
  11. General_Jacob

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    here is the old one
  12. General_Jacob

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    well @Shalloa basically what APOC said in his last post, except now im using (and sticking with) the old version because I got it to work. If you use the old functions or the older version of ExAd it should work. Give that a shot and let me known
  13. General_Jacob

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Ive seen things close, but has anyone modified this to work with base parts as well? It would be really fantastic if so additionally it would be great if that script made players pay when they change the color. I would prefer save be free but any time they change colors it costs money
  14. General_Jacob

    Painting Bases?

    did this post go anywhere productive? Can anyone share what they came up with?
  15. General_Jacob

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    @Apoc thats exactly how i fixed it. I updated ExAd and changed the functions to be compatible. Everything that needs to be changed is in the functions folder. I am out of the country right now so I do not have the files but if its not figured out in a week or so when I am back message me and I will share.