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  1. I just have the default ones that @Rollo provided. But in theory any SQL result can be turned into a billboard.
  2. I like a few others couldn't get this to work at first. DB was correct, the overwrite was correct and the exile.ini was updated.. Yet no DB updates on kills and oddly no error messages. I finally figured out what was missing that made this not work.. First I'll share all the minor changes I made and the overall fix. Here is my SQL. I change the 'time' field to populate the date on record creation at the db side, not the script side. http://www.hatebin.com/blhbgtqvil Here is a copy of my kill feed overwrite which is a modified version @kuplion created. Added reference to zombie kills, if you use them. http://www.hatebin.com/kdfqfdmowy Here is the exile.ini that ended up fixing my issue.. Turns out you need to have the line "Number of Inputs = 7" added. Also took out the time stamp entry as i moved that to be created by the DB. Hope this helps anyone else who couldn't initially get this working..
  3. Down side to that is, allows anyone to flip a player vehicle "with" them in it even if its right side up which will then turn off the engine? Still would like to figure out a way to let only the owner do this. So far no luck.
  4. Ill look into those suggestions, didn't know about the towing trick, ill let them know that as well. but i also want to try the following to see if it will work, basically check to see if it's the vehicle owner and just shuts the engine off just prior to the flip. Haven't tested yet, as I'm at work, but will ask a player.. My last attempt i think made the if statement too complex, so making the suggestion @Z80CPU offered and just turning off the engine first may help.
  5. @aussie battler I have a related issue, any idea how we can make it so that vehicle owners can flip a vehicle should it still be running? I have a few problem children who keep getting ejected from striders but can't flip them due to they are still running. This is what I think might work?
  6. Not true, the code noflocksgiven supplied is required for those who applied the exile.ini fix for VG names when using the new exile VG. His fix is what corrected mine, it is not needed if using the EXAD VG, and that one does not use the nickname function.
  7. When I added the publicvar battleye requirements players started getting kicked on join, "kicked off by BattlEye: PublicVariable Restriction #3" So,I had to remove it.. here is the original and the addition i made? Is something wrong with this addition? Not that versed on battleye. //regex 1 "" 1 "AH_KICK_OFF_" 1 "i_am_global_banned" after //regex 1 "" 1 "AH_KICK_OFF_" 1 "i_am_global_banned" 5 !="abandon"
  8. Just shoot me.. I give my self an F- for not being able to retain what i read!
  9. Has anyone ever seen this error before? 10:38:13 "ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'wbdnzjcq'..." 10:38:13 Error in expression <param [3, [], [[]]]; { _curUID = toString _x; if!(_curUID isEqualTo _> 10:38:13 Error position: <toString _x; if!(_curUID isEqualTo _> 10:38:13 Error tostring: Type String, expected Array 10:38:13 Server: Object 2:11384 not found (message Type_93) 10:38:13 Server: Object 2:11378 not found (message Type_93) Its repeating in my RPT, I have used notepad++ to search all file, for the string "_curUID" in the mission file, and have extracted all my addon pbo's and cannot seem to find a single file that references that?
  10. But don't you have to go into the mod itself and tell it to use "user_action_8" for a function as it seems to default to user_action_1 and user_action_2 (which i wish there was a way to global move that to 3/4)
  11. That may be because of a change i made recently, i have 2 static mission, and before it was set to run them both together at start. But wanted to change that to run only 1 at a time and alternate. but i think making that change caused that.. I have since moved it back to the way it was.
  12. had a player report something he thought was sketchy... Killed by throw 412m with iron sights.. log show current weapon of killer as throw for this instance, but he said it was definitely a bullet. Anyone else seen this before?
  13. Ok so here is an RPT, unknown if this even had happened, but it was the largest one in recent times.. lol https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kNLkSXW3qJidwtKmb-rd68nAUNIihRKE
  14. I will give that a go, but may be deeper issue than that. I'm going to start turning mods and addons off in hopes that something makes a difference.. And just in case it might, here are a list of addons that I feel may have an effect. Side note, do constructions cause as much of an issue as AI? Current parts in the DB are 3,150. //Scripts VICOMAI - Older version (not the new 1.04 version) Shifting Weather - Currently off testing Day/Night Shift - Same as above Leaderboard script - (4 leader boards) //Mods ExileZ - Have lowered and lowered till its almost off. ExileZ Crashes - Same as above DMS - (5 random, 1 static) Exile occupation - (used only for air taxi function) Vemf Invasions - (2 invasions max) ZCP - (1 active max) Bigfoot Shipwrecks - (4) //Other Enhancements Enhanced movement Claim Vehicles Air Drops Adv Urban Rappelling A few of Stokes Paid Addons (but you know his code is flawless) If anyone has had negative experience with these addons, or this particular issue. Let me know, if an how it might be fixed. And Thanks for the assistance.
  15. Virtual Private Server: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697A v4 @ 2.60GHz (4 CPUs)