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  1. Krycyk

    Working Exile server became dead after 1.78

    Thx for info, after removing -netlog server is starting up but there's another problem. On every loading server gives a message "Addon sk_pond_50x requires addon CAData". Why?
  2. Hello everyone! I've been running a small private Exile server, running on Altis map. Running on Windows 7. Everything was working perfectly, until 1.78 update came out. Since that patch server doesn't work anymore, it's crashing after few seconds from "Dedicated host created" message in a window. Database is up and running though. What I've tried already: disabled mods removed all of PBOs from @ExileServer\addons except Exile's PBOs Still getting same result. RPT log on non-modded version: Same crash ending at the modded version though. Any ideas? I didn't made any changer to a server for a few weeks, it's been working without any issues. Other kinds of Arma missions like Insurgency are working fine.