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  1. Thanks guys... Rappidxshots helped me out, turns out i was confused a bit and put a few files in the wrong place, inside the Mpmission folder. When I should have put them inside the mission file itself.
  2. So are you always this pleasant to new admin/players who ask for some assistance setting up new servers using programs that they've never used before? I'm trying to learn this whole Arma scripting thing and i'm sure i'll make more mistakes as i stumble along. This is only my second day messing with stuff so cut me some slack with the rude comments.
  3. First off... as i said i'm very new at this server stuff. I did read the report and noticed that error message. I did move the files as per the instructions. I tried to follow the directions as best as i could but for some reason my setup is just a little bit different than the two guides that i used. On top of that i dont know what every file does or how they interact with each other. That's why i asked for assistance. Z80CPU Really? Your reply was extremely helpful.
  4. I've gone over the UID and other settings and everything appears ok. Copy of my latest rpt https://pastebin.com/C96sqamu
  5. Hi new guy here.... A few buddies and I decided to rent our own Arma3 server to play on. (End of Reality Hosting Co) We also purchased infiSTAR Exile and we are not able to get it running. I've followed the The Gaming Junkie Show YouTube video to the T and also tried the posted version by "TheOldMan" and have been unsuccessful. I've wiped and installed a fresh copy of Arma3 Exile on the server twice now thinking i may have messed something up. After many, many attempts it still does not work. When loading into the server there are no infiSTAR messages coming up on the screen so i'm thinking it's not working at all and not just a admin console issue. Any assistance would be appreciated, Thanks