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  1. Apache(DSOP)

    [Release] USS Nimitz Occupation

    Thanks a lot for the info
  2. Apache(DSOP)

    [Release] USS Nimitz Occupation

    Hello , I have one problem to start with . when i load this i get the msg on server all players slots are taken in rpt and server wont start up. i guess the ai are the same as players side i dont wanna mess with the units and change the sides before i did ask here . Gr
  3. Apache(DSOP)

    debug console

    could not resist also , what is your freaking problem ?
  4. Apache(DSOP)

    debug console

    There is a admin tool kit here .. and welcome to this mess dont buy a tool that cost 3 times the amount of the game like the rippoffs of Infistar .. and if you switch mod then your admin tool is useless . instead of beeing nice to somebody with some skills they rather burn you down after you just asked a normal question .. well we all know how it go's ... Good luck with your new server
  5. Apache(DSOP)

    Zeds/zombie mod/addon

    Hello Best wishes for the new year .. Iam looking for a good zed mod i have checked the ryans zeds and demons but thats not working good i dont wanna make my server a lag festival for a zed addon . so anyone have tips info about other zed mods ? i found out its getting less and less with the community addons etc .. i know games moves fast and all is gone but still there is not much to get if you compare it to arma2 /arma and even old operation flashpoint . Greeets
  6. Apache(DSOP)

    ARMA 3 REVIVE in Exile?

    Hello . Anyone know how any revive scripts you dont need a tool but just as arma3 with space bar ? just yep its arma3 but still how ever its turned exile used the same game engine .. its still arma3 with exile mod .. Greets
  7. Apache(DSOP)

    AdminToolkit for Arma 3 v2.2.2 - Exile Edition

    just wanna know .. where is the donation button from the man who made this ? great job gpt it not working totally right but i can do the most important things Thanks thanks a lot man .
  8. Apache(DSOP)

    Vehicle disappearing

    Yep i see things that are solved way back in arma2 origins and epoch mod .. Now we started a new arm3 exile server and we though it would be passed these common problems long time ago . Many good things but also things that should be sovled .. Yep arma is not developed for connecting to a data base but its modded that way and it worked fine in the past .. As admin i kind of had it after at least or about 10 years of dayz people complaining about their lost gear so iam not waiting for the next year of pampering players because the mod is not working right .. Does have arma3 epoch the same problems that anyone knows of ? Gr
  9. Apache(DSOP)

    3DEN trees and other missing objects

    There where always trees bushes plants etc in editor ,even the grandfather of arma OFP had it , i know its arma3 and many things are gone and many new things are there . but still its kind of lame not to be able to get trees in editor . i tried to make xmas trees like i did for our other arma2 servers at traders but hell not in arma3 that should be newer and more up to date .. we have 100 different ak's in edtor but no trees .. i think the editor is lame as it is already just because of that . Greets
  10. Apache(DSOP)

    Admin Tools for new server

    Yep everybody is in title to his own opinion ofcourse ...iam just no simple tax sheep that jumps or accept things because others do ..
  11. Apache(DSOP)

    Admin Tools for new server

    sinds internet came out the germans always been greedy ,i guess you had to pay for simple info even now they bring out a tool that cost more than the game . and yes many use it like we do now on 2 servers , but we bought it 3 times already now we need a new one for the exile server and i like to try finding something we had in epoch frrst or pay a reasonable price and not double the price the game costs ..Perhaps they should try a special upgrade from an older version to a newer that would be acceptable .. because we are not sure if we wanna keep hosting Exile because we are new to Exile and i dont wanna move to other mod and buy a new admin tool .. Thanks for the reply .. greets
  12. Apache(DSOP)

    Admin Tools for new server

    Ah well its kind of bizarre that a tool cost more than the game itself ? any cheapers and fair options ?