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    MGT Exile Tanoa

    By far the best Exile server I have ever played on. The staff are always helpful and open to suggestions. It has everything that a survival mod has to offer without silly full militarised settings that keeps the game fun and entertaining. High FPS and never been wiped. Would recommend to any new or existing Arma players!
  2. A z

    My Videos from MGT

    My second highlights and moments video from MGT Tanoa
  3. A z

    My Videos from MGT

    Anotha 1.
  4. A z

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    I've noticed it's possible to dupe weapons with this method. Below is how easy it is.
  5. Why do you think I rammed them
  6. Seen this in effect. Idea is good. But now I can't stop multiple players running up to my vehicle and draining all my fuel along with looting my mission vehicle. Before I could ram the player with the vehicle giving me a few seconds to actually sell everything I gained.
  7. A z

    My Videos from MGT

    Most Recent videos.
  8. A z

    My Videos from MGT

    Arma 2 -
  9. A z

    My Videos from MGT

    Hey there, I've been making videos for a while now. I wasn't too sure the Exile forum existed until very recently. Spent most Arma years over on MGT. @MGTDB can admit he's put up with me for too long. Here are some of my videos. I'll add more newer videos at the top. Arma 3 -
  10. A z

    Show off your base.

    This looks like a decent thread. These are some of our creations me and the rest of my group (Kings of the North) have made over on MGT Tanoa ( Views of our six main bases along with a few close ups -