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  1. Greenhand

    [SB] Southwest Badlands!

    Welcome to Southwest Badlands! Brand new server with tons of potential. Jump on and see what its about! Admins 24/7 1. Militarized Loot- 2. Extended Base Mod- 3. All CUP Mods- 4. CBA- 5. DMS Missions-6. ZCP Missions- 7. Exile Occupation- 8. ExAd Core- 9. ExAd XM8- 10. ExAd View Distance- 11. ExAd Statsbar- 12. Enigma Deploy Bike- 13. ETG Heli Crash Script- 14. Custom Traders- 15. Custom Missions- 16. Respect Based Loadouts- 17. Base Kits- 18. 20k Poptab Start- CHRISTMAS BONUS!! HURRY ON
  2. I need the spawn Positions for Stary and Lopatino! Please
  3. I cannot get loot to spawn anywhere. Idk what the issue is but its definitely driving players off. Help!
  4. 1. As the title says i need to increase tabs and rep for each kill! 2. Id like to remove AI from gear crates. DMS mission ZCP missions Any help would be awesome
  5. I want to learn! Lol i Just need someone to show me.
  6. I've got an exile Chernarus server. I've got all of the the CUP addons installed. I've got CBA added and Infistar. 1st. Im extremely new to the mods and so on. If someone could give me a quick rundown on how to install and run these mods it would be greatly appreciated. 2nd. NO loots spawns on my server anywhere. I've tried to figure it out but i just need a little more explanation than what Ive gotten already. 3rd. Im willing to pay a little for the help but im really just trying to get a good Exile server up! Help would be greatly appreciated!