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  1. @NeverAgain Hi ,Could you share the solution?
  2. Thank you, I had to redo the trades !! It's good that I chose other places!
  3. Did you find a way for that? I want to know that too!
  4. @kidesh Hi, you would have the file for I opened in the Editor, the trades are without clothes should be some Mod.
  5. @Riker2335 if you can send me the tables I would love it because I need to see one that works to try to find out where it will be necessary to update the @ tinboye , stop working again. Give me the discord of your server!
  6. @ Riker2335 Obrigado amigo, eu não sei porque o saque não está sendo gerado! parece esta desatualizado. I could not contact @tinboye
  7. @kidesh hi thanks for the great work, I'm running on a test server, but it does not generate the loot. I updated CfgExileLootServer class, it still did not work. can you send me the exile_server_config?
  8. @tinboye thanks for the excellent work, I'm running on a test server, but it does not generate the loot. I've updated class CfgExileLootServer, it still did not work. I'm looking forward to running my server with this map! can you upgrade the exile_server_config?
  9. Oi, você tem o abramia.config do DMS? I was able to make DMS work.
  10. I just got rave reviews for this Addons !! And today I would like to know where I can get Map.config to Isla Abramia, or what should I change to work in Abramia. Thanks, I managed to make it work on the map Abramia.
  11. I would like files if you still have them! and share!
  12. execVM "addons \ modChecker \ init \ modCheckerDisplay.sqf"; -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ I have installed it, and configured it appears all right both mandatory and optional. however I noticed that when it appears, the messages from the servo stop showing !! Ex: Deploy Bike....
  13. I have this with a client, and simply the player's computer is not supporting the game, Low FPS, his pc keeps crashing.
  14. Thank you all, sorry .