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    PM me if your still interested. Thanks
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    Exile Chernarus Mission File

    Hello. Happy holidays! Been trying to start a server for some time now, and am in need of a mission file hoping the community would be so kind as to lend a hand. I did use a chernarus Pbo I found.... But the AIA is now obsolete and has switched to CUPterrains. I do have all the CUP addons but this mission file calls for AIA so I cannot continue. My rpt log is not happy without it(AIA) My host has suggested asking on exile forums for a premade mission file as so I will not be having these issues. Following mods I'm running are...All the CUP addons, Occupations, Advanced towing, Advanced rappelling, CBA A3, Extended base mod, Defents Mission System, Zupas Capture Points. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RedPhoenix