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  1. TrapGod

    is there a way to Change xm8 skin

    Cant override that right?
  2. TrapGod

    support Needed

    @SnpLt GO Paste the logs. U followed as explained!!! must of done something wrong
  3. TrapGod

    Release] Airfield Military Base Chernarus 2035

    Looks great but dont use that map aswell
  4. TrapGod

    Napf Island A3

    Well duh!! Pretty sure he doesnt have any napf pbo
  5. TrapGod

    My Opinion About

    Armahosts is the best GSP honestly. Really nice staff great support!! Fast service. i have been with them for about a year and they upgraded my dedi for free.
  6. TrapGod

    Altis high loot tables

    @Cody0520 Mission.sqm???? You mean config.cpp Under CfgExileLootSettings
  7. TrapGod

    Napf Island A3

    @FckingWoppa I have asked around for it aswell nobody is willing to share just make one yourself like the rest. Only thing u would need to do is 1-Loot tables 2- Spawn points 3- Map markers 4- Traders.
  8. TrapGod

    [CY6] Exile Militarized

    CheckYourSixGaming Exile Our Servers are Militarized with no jets! We want something different then other exile servers!! Also have a custom camera angle made by Crazy Mike! the way third person should be!! FEATURES: Virtual Garage ZCP Missions Custom Missions Rearm Stations Custom Camera Angle CUP Mods only JSRS SOUNDMOD Advanced Rappelling Grinding Hacking Custom Spawnloadout Revive BaseSpawn Towing Lifting Statsbar Vehicle Spawn Weed Farms Shroom Farms Coming Soon Cocaine Farms Coming Soon FAIR ADMINS ACTIVE ADMINS Helpful Community DISCORD: - ALL important News, Events, Rules, Changes, Announcements & MORE will you find on our Discord - Send Player reports or Bugs to us
  9. TrapGod

    {CY6}NEW-Exile-Custom Missions

    New Fully mill server.. Tanks Armed Choppers no jets.Thermal guns,scopes,Goggles and Thermals in vehicles. Starting poptabs. Custom loadouts-Random loadouts. DDOS protected.