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  1. Ryan N

    Tango Down ExileZ Chernarus

    Tango Down wishes to bring an interesting ExileZ experience to the community, we have made a pretty highly customised server using only the best community made scripts here are some of the additions our server has to offer: DMS Mission System - Generated Mission System Exile Occupation - Roaming AI, AI patrols and AI captured Towns XM8 Apps - All XM8 Apps have been added to the server Gear Creates and Helicopter Crashes - Lightly AI Guarded give great opportunity to get some gear early on Increased Locker Space to 150000000 for those big spenders amongst the community 20,000 Poptab starting money - allows people to get geared up and stuckin' as fast as possible Cheaper Families allowing people to group up permanently for cheaper and in the future move on to a base Trader Mod - All four RHS packs gives the players plenty of fancy weapons and gear to choose from, NIArms and HAP for interesting attire Tanks and Jets - We have added tanks and jets into the server to create a very militarised server though it would take some time to grind for one, tanks allow people to 'have at it' though they are not too OP as to obliterate the server and all its population they can easily be destroyed or disabled this could potentially create some interesting group battles. Things to be added soon: - Advanced Towing - Loading objects into vehicles e.g. weapon create, supply boxes etc - Player Revie System What Mods are used? Though the mod pack is subject to slight change we usually just use the following mods: @ExileMod @CUP Terrains - Core @Chernarus Redux @CBA_A3 @RHSGREF @RHSAFRF @RHSSAF @RHSUSAF @HAP @NIArms All in One @Enhanced Movement @Advanced Urban Rappelling @DS Houses @Zombies and Demons Tango Down only wishes to create a pleasant server for the community to play on the rules are quite relaxed and are really geared towards fluid gameplay, suggestions can be made for things to be added to the server to improve the gameplay and equally, things that are too OP or just boring or pointless can be removed and replaced. If you have any questions please feel free to join the Discord server it is free after all From Tango Down to any potential players we welcome you to come and check out our server!
  2. @MGTDB So what does this actually mean sorry but this is well out of my comfort zone, I have never even seen the "CfgExileArsenal" does it basically mean I have to add the data from the RHS #include prices to the "CfgExileArsenal" then everything should work as expected, its funny because NIArms actually worked the first time so how come RHS is different?
  3. I am getting the above problem on my ExileZ Chernarus Redux server using the ETM (Easy Trader Mod) ALL the classes containing RHS items are priced at 0 and when you try to buy any item you get the above message, this is my first time resorting to the Exile forums and I was hoping some of you coding gods could help a guy out :) because I am really stuck at the moment. Here is my config.cpp https://pastebin.com/rqnVJVh1 Here is my RPT File https://pastebin.com/bPj1ZUUW And here is my server start bat https://pastebin.com/dC4MjX4G
  4. Ryan N

    Tango Down - ExileZ Chernarus

    The server is currently down for maintenance reason: Adding the following features XM8 App - Cookbook, XM8 App - Repair Mate, Player Revive System. Total approximate downtime 2hrs from 15:07.
  5. Ryan N

    Tango Down - ExileZ Chernarus

    I have decided to make a "Classic" ExileZ server to imitate that old feeling i used to get whilst playing Arma 2 Epoch or the DayZ mod, So my server is quite lightly modded as not to force players to download 10 - 20 mods just to play, so its very much vanilla Exile Chernarus with zombies. But the actual mission file is heavily modded containing DMS Missions, ZCP Capture Points and Zombies and Demons. If there are aspects of the Mission file lacking i would be willing to happily make changes as the server is very much early days. NEW!! Featues: DMS Missions - Spawning random missions with 4 difficulty presets ZPC Missions - Allows the player to enter a ZCP marked town and capture it defending it for 5 minutes against an unrelenting AI counter attack ExileZ - Spawns Zombies mostly all around the map causing the player not to just keep an eye out for other players but to also watch their noise level as not to attract the Zombies XM8 App - Cookbook - Allows the player to craft all resources through the XM8 instead of the base mods crafting system, simplifies crafting XM8 App - Repair Mate - Allows the player to see an in depth exploded diagram of the players vehicle in order to repair it efficiently Player Revive System - Allows players to revive other players