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  1. super jerome can you help me with that
  2. here is the pastebin https://pastebin.com/mbhqxLqV
  3. i dont have and office trader on my altis server does anyone know why
  4. you have to put all 4 files in i can help you install it if you want me to just join my discord and poke me https://discord.gg/KeR2PVn
  5. this is the full script under my logs 14.01.2018 12:12:53: TezzDK ( cef3a7fc48c27d129a1c2115f76c4756 - #14 "["A3\functions_f\Map\fn_drawArrow.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"A3","Map","drawArrow"]"
  6. ok i fixed the invisibleman thing but know i get battleye script restriction #14 were when i join i get kicked for map arrows
  7. ok i got my server to work now but i can still not connect i get kicked and this is what it says in my rpt and in the logs https://pastebin.com/KuHbYpX9
  8. Crado it want give me a full rpt when i look at my rpt files and i dont know if its a battleye kick i get
  9. https://pastebin.com/413YLUWy
  10. it works without mods i have tried but not with cba then it dont work or exile its cba or exile that does it
  11. i still get kicked
  12. but it is already in there it puts it there automatic when i install mods
  13. i dont have a key server folder thingy
  14. i downloaded it under my server host mod manager and yes its in the startparameters