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  1. Smithyy

    [Release] Satan's Bridge For Malden

    im getting this error message on this ErrorMessage: File , line 1: Config: End of line encountered after satans_bridge
  2. Smithyy

    Deploy Quad

    @TroyT no ended up using enigma version and taken the infistar one out as could not figure how to make it so it didn't take respect of people every time they used it
  3. Smithyy

    Toasts how

    How Would i go about making a toast so it displays when someone is chopping weed down on my server
  4. Smithyy

    Deploy Quad

    how did you get the infistar one to work all the time i tried it took 1000 respect of players or it wouldn't spawn one at all
  5. Smithyy

    Infistar exile apps

    Thank You Works Brilliant Now
  6. Smithyy

    Infistar exile apps

    anyone know how to get this donation app working , i have tried putting my link in where the default one is but all i get is a empty black box
  7. anybody know how to chnage the skin of the xm8?
  8. Smithyy

    [DoGB]|UK| //|Exile Esseker

    [DoGB] Are a Friendly Clan , Active Admins At all Time , Any problems there is always a DoGB Member online If not feel free to Add Admins on steam Will list below names, we regualy update server and apps and add more features. we stride to get as much as possible to be going on at one time but also keeping a stable 45-60FPS At all Time , 20k start, We have many scripts running I.e Exad Deploy Quad, Random Bombing Towns (AceMeTNT), Enigma Revive , xm8 compass App Etc. So Feel Free To Join And Start Having fun! Updated to 1.0.4 Pineapple You Can also join The Teamspeak Server Listed Above And come and meet the clan! Admins [DoGB] Faron602 - [DoGB] Smithyy - IWG Andy - To be Added
  9. Smithyy

    any got esseker pbo pinnaple

    Cheers pal will try this
  10. Has anyone got a pineapple esseker pbo not sure how i would go on converting my old one over.
  11. Smithyy

    Want Xm8 App

    has anyone managed to make a donation app for the xm8 would be grate to use instead of hyper links
  12. Smithyy

    Server info Text

    Really nooby Question but looked everywhere where is the writing located on the bottom left, would like to say instead of exile cherarus succesfully loaded in, i would like to change it to include the server name but i cannot find anywhere where its located to change
  13. Smithyy

    Weather Mod

  14. Smithyy

    Weather Mod

    Hi im trying to get Radiation and Post-apocalyptic script working on my my exile server now its half working but it seems the exile weather is interfering with it is there a way to totally disable the weather for exile
  15. Has this gone ? Wanted to use it on my new exile server , has anybody got a link to it as the website is now down be much appreciated