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  1. TMHackSaW

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Hello @Mufasa I have set HC and did your fix for the ai not shooting and have all missions spawning fine... but i have another issue... ai on sem missions kill each other any clue why is this?? also DMS ai will kill air patrols ... thanks in advance ...
  2. TMHackSaW

    Looking for a Dev

    Hello Guys, I am looking for a dev who can help me to set up a server on linux. Willing to pay for it . Let me know via PM. Thanks,
  3. Something like ERROR: akamaihd is not tested ... dont remember as i closed willing to help me out ? pls
  4. I tried to start with your guide but i get stucked ... i cant install steam cmd due to an error.... Also when i use sudo it wont let me install anything ... so ive just use the command without sudo. any help? or advise cant find any good tutorials on youtube either.
  5. Anyone can help with a setup of Linux server .. Ive got a new dedi box from SOyouStart but i really dont know how to start . willing to pay if need it Thanks
  6. Hello . I have this message ExAd_STATSBAR not found i am doubting with this also in my description is correct? class CfgNetworkMessages { #include "ExAdClient\CfgNetworkMessages.cpp" class KillMessages { module = "KillMessages"; parameters[] = {"STRING","STRING","OBJECT","OBJECT"}; }; };
  7. TMHackSaW


  8. TMHackSaW


    Hello guys, Anyone of u came came across with this error message? 21:31:05 CRC packet mismatch of client 'Torsten' and server 21:31:05 In last 1000 miliseconds was lost another 1 these messages. 21:32:26 Error: Object(6 : 160) not found 21:33:35 Error: Object(6 : 163) not found 21:33:35 Error: Object(6 : 163) not found then player cant connect. Thanks,
  9. TMHackSaW

    TCAGame kicks

    @QGS I have the same issue.. All players gets kicked for that. I have a Dedi box with you. Any thoughts please.
  10. thanks for the reply.... i did a fresh install of the exile.ini and replace the commented lines as per instructions and this time worked with no error
  11. after installing all work fine.. but i have notice a bug on the safe which wont allow me to set up a new code or lock unlock option.. [22:50:39:592992 +01:00] [Thread 1112] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Version 12 Detected, Latest Version 12 Available [22:59:07:539482 +01:00] [Thread 1112] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Incorrect Number of Inputs: Input String insertContainer:Exile_Container_Safe:765600000000:12961.336914:5398.251465:-0.0352259:-0.952625:0.304148:0:0:0:1:[]:[]:[]:[]:0:0000:1 [22:59:07:539526 +01:00] [Thread 1112] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Incorrect Number of Inputs: Expected: 17 Got: 18 Any ideas..... this is mu exile.ini
  12. TMHackSaW

    Underwater Crate Script

    Great idea.... would be possible to trigget this script only when certain number op player are on the server and if this can have a messages appearing .. thanks .. PS: just like A2 treasure Hunting
  13. TMHackSaW

    Wood Bug

    +1 Bump