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  1. Hello i have a problem zombie in map Southzagoria how add zombie triger anywhere this is insturction im copy getmarkercmd and execute nothink
  2. fix repair script.txt Battlaya
  3. off dont work
  4. ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere.sqf ExileClient_construction_beginNewObject.sqf
  5. this is my avatar steam mean lol ? build no flag !
  6. Hello i have problem thi is my serwer whats wrong?? I can build without a flag and territory
  7. thx how edit positions static missions copy in chernarus
  8. Hello im use chernarusredux , and use dms missions how to make the missions not appear outside the map
  9. Hello this is my selectplayer.log add selectPlayer.txt not work. next problems setdamage.log pls help me
  10. i have problem instal this zombie use map namalsk max zombie respawn maxmimu 3-4 and it takes a long time before it respawn zombie why ? Im use standard trigger possition I would like to have more zombies in cities and fast respawn in city zombie doable? and one more why old hospital no respawn zombie ??? wait wait wait nothink
  11. no...
  12. use serer exile Reborn I have a restart every 4 hours.I would like to have a restart serwer night 1 hours for 3 hours day sorry bad my english
  13. Hello after server restart is 4.00 am night after 2-3 minutes is automatically a day why?
  14. Its not stamina bar ..