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  1. Brenner

    Create new player script

    Except for people who just don't have the time (due to work/family/etc.) to walk around the map for 3h looking for a water bottle, but are in for some quick paced action.
  2. Brenner

    Gravia as a spawn point not working

    can you pls put contents of your mission.sqm to and link it here, pls.
  3. Brenner

    [SOLVED]Dedicated Server Won’t Show Up For Friends

    have you opened router ports for Arma traffic? 2302-2306 UDP Arma Server to Client Traffic
  4. Brenner

    A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive (HELP)

    I enabled it on all units cause was using a local server with only me online for preliminary testing probably need to do something more to enable all AIS functions, but it's beyond my comprehension lvl atm description.ext init.sqf screenshots Keep getting this in my rpt (no longer sure if client or server (zzz -,-)) Scripting function 'bis_fnc_call' is not allowed to be remotely executed
  5. Brenner

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    and the client rpt?
  6. Brenner

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    you have runned 64 bit server, u have extdb3 overrides? cause something is calling extdb2
  7. Brenner

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    I usually like to use server auto lock function, because it will tell you if anything is wrong with the server without the need to connect to it ( if there is a major error server will stay locked) and you will see it right away in the server console. can you pls pastebin whole rpt and link it here (leave server to run for 5-10 mins), in the one that you put to spoiler I can see that the server has initialized, but I have no idea what was happening afterwards (could be some error after the init).
  8. Brenner

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    authentication has nothing to do with mode my.ini As explained in the guide..
  9. Brenner

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    disabled db strict mode?
  10. Brenner

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    ok, so after multiple updates and reinstalling ,it still is not showing up in Arma 3 launcher, but on A3launcher is is showing up, or? Sorry, for stupid question, but I am a bit confused now.
  11. Brenner

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    if you right click your arma3server.exe and go to properties/details, what does it say there about version?
  12. Brenner

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    With verify signatures = 0 I can connect to server np, in Arma launcher all mods are green verify signatures = 1 all red considering my player base I don't have to be afraid of hacking and cheating XD
  13. Brenner

    r3f crate loading

    You need to add cehicle class name and max available transport cargo size (in this case 50, which would be 2x crate)