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  1. @Bones51 or anyone, any help with the errors above?
  2. Brenner

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    It means you have 2x CfgNetworkMessages defined somewhere (prolly description.ext, unless you have a separate file for it) Can be you had it before from some other script, and when adding this, you did not merge them, but added another, that is why it is saying that it is already defined
  3. Brenner

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    server works fine, restarts every 3h, few script errors + the "usual" errors, last time re-downloaded server files less than a month ago and whats most important no violations whatsoever (not counting done by me XD)
  4. Brenner

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    I just killed my server, not using #shutdown command as usual, but clicking on X in upper right corner of my server console, same as killing explorer window in windows, guess what is in rpt?
  5. Brenner

    [close] server don't run when empty

    -autoInit in your startup parameters?
  6. Brenner

    [close] not well informed

    oh, lol I thought you are asking how to change the server name XD
  7. Brenner

    [close] server don't run when empty
  8. Check your mission description.ext, make sure you have: Also check your RPT for additional errors.
  9. Brenner

    R3F_Logistics add modded vehicles

    You need to add class names to R3F under appropriate section (can tow, can be towed, can transport cargo, can be lifted, etc.). You can check addons_config folder and create a separate folder for the mod that you are using, or just add vehicle class names to existing one that is already enabled (if you like to do things the messy way)
  10. Brenner

    Default map items not showing in editor

    mission.sqm is binarized by default unless someone un-binarised it earlier, to make it readable, you need to open it in editor and chose save as in file menu, than untick binarisation wanted, that way it will get saved as a readable text. I suggest you do this without any modifications to it, so in case something goes wrong later you would still have original as backup (and things can go wrong pretty easily). Not sure which map you are using, but make sure you load only Exile mod while using the editor, unless some other mod is needed by the map itself. Also it is possible to #include an sqf file and load objects from it in editor (note that editor loads only mission.sqm and trader objects are contained in initserver.sqf and traders in initplayer.sqf and therefore not shown in the editor by default). Hope that helps.
  11. Brenner

    [close] not well informed

    @ExileServer\config.cfg hostname = "Exile Z France Dev";
  12. Hey, got this errors when reloading/repairing:
  13. partial rpt won't help anyone, pastebin full rpt from this we can't see which map is loaded, or what are your startup parameters, only thing we can see is that server is loaded and connected to database
  14. Brenner

    Persistence Infection FIX for RZInfection

    Thank you for the fix, maybe better to pastebin it, most people will just copy/paste it from here, along with any formatting that may be, or not within the text. Just to avoid the: ;D
  15. Brenner

    [SOLVED] Can I make a Base permanent on the server?

    or a custom script that uses infistar lightning strike to end any and all raiding attempts on that territory id...without the safe zone of course XD