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  1. I can see 3 instances of my servers, and can connect to any of them, the ping difference is usually max 1 between them (hosted on the same machine as client). Ports need to be open for non LAN connections. You should check your RPT for errors.
  2. @Sabura, @speedweasel did you ever got ALiVE working on Exile Tanoa? Seems like a nice thing to implement.
  3. also same mods that are running on the server should be installed and enabled on the client
  4. the easy way:
  5. lol true, so I guess the error is in that 1% after all (was looking at it on shitty work monitor)
  6. I agree with @Z80CPU It refers to config.cpp, line 1657: '/ CfgExileArsenal , and by reviewing ur Config.cpp, there is no error on specified line, however under class CfgExileArsenal, I can see that easy traders files are being called, so the error is 99% in some of the trader files in TRADERS folder in ur mission.pbo. To resolve this issue u will need to browse all trader files for syntax error, or just coment them all except one with // infront #include "TRADERS\bla bla (so it looks like this; //#include "TRADERS\APEX\ItemListAPEX.hpp"), and try to boot server, if it works, remove // from another line, repbo, and try boot up again. Once u get to the line which stops server from booting go to that trader folder in ur mission pbo and CHECK ALL FILES for syntax errors. I know there are prolly a lot of lines to go through, but take your time and inspect them carefully, (been there myself, on my server SZ in Occupation traders would suddenly stop working, turned out I was missing , in trader items list, prolly forgot to add it when I was modifying the list, took me a while before figuring that out :D, so i was browsing through all lines in multiple files numerous times to be sure that everything is ok). If I am not mistaken there should be two files with trader items list and prices within each trader folder. Hope that helps.
  7. My vote would go to ExAd view distance app so every player can adjust VD to his own rig spec/whishes. Usefull and free.
  8. have you tried without infiSTAR? Edit: im 99% positive its InfiSTAR
  9. Have you take a look in your mission pbo config.cpp on line 1657, it clearly states that there is a syntax error, prolly missing =
  10. Sorry for the OT, but they wouldn't be understandable without it Edit: Btw script is working fine, and if price calculation and payment could be used from avs to kick in before service starts that would be awesome Sort of like using payment as a trigger for the service to start, and good luck with accomplishing that . @flyingdutchmen thanks for making it usable and for sharing it Edit 2: just checked RPT and found this: _gastation = nearestobjects [AVS_WorldCenter, AVS_Ref> Error position: <nearestobjects [AVS_WorldCenter, AVS_Ref> Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Tanoa\AVS\AVS_fnc_sanitizegastation.sqf, line 11 Edit 3: After a bit of testing, it turns out that refueling lasts a lot longer than it needs to, for example default fuel indicator shows completly refueled, but the service window shows around 60% more fuel needed to full tank @flyingdutchmen do you maybe know where to adjust the refuel time/delay (and if you can figure out how to deal with above RPT error that would be awesome), thanks
  11. Hi everyone, 1st: thanks for an awesome script 2nd: if anyone can figure out this issue, and how to fix it, ill be eternally gratefull. Followed instructions to the letter, tried different versions of AVS, but still no luck. Basically all I need is rearm script, and maybe refuel, but not mandatory. Database query executed, avs.ini placed in sql_custom_v2 folder. in RPT I get this: Refuel works fine, but rearm takes cash, gives notification that vehicle is rearmed, but no ammo is added to vehicle. Tried persistent and non persistent. Also there is this error in RPT: Read through whole topic + googled, saw other posts with same issue, but unfortunately have not found the solution. AVS_fnc_getConfigLoadout.sqf Does above error means that there is a possibility of syntax error somewhere? Tripple checked all files, spent many hours on this, but I just cannot find solution to it. (Think im going slightly mad because of it :D) And I have exhausted all possibilities within my limited server knowledge, but still no result. Can any kind soul have mercy on me and at least point me in right direction. Thanks in advance. EDIT; since I couldnt figure this out, installed another script, which was basically plug n play (spent countless hours on this, installed @flyingdutchmen avs+gvs in 5 mins, worked like a charm)
  12. Im not an expert but I would look for error where the CfgXM8 settings are, im at work now so cannot check on my server files, but would look for Missing '}' (or any other syntax error, and trust me I have been browsing my server files multiple times, every one of them, and every time I find some new syntax error somewhere lol), not necessary in description.ext, could be a file that is called from description.ext, but if im wrong, someone pls correct me
  13. @Harleyjts why you just dont use Occupation traders (turn off rest if u dont want it), or portable ACiDy SZ, and modify it according to your needs, much easier that creating everything from scratch @Brunk you could try easy trader script, definitely made my life easier with trader setup for various mods
  14. Any non BE remote tool, preferably free and noob friendly :D? Thanks