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  1. glad you sorted it out
  2. From that error it appears you have this: defined twice, what I would suggest is either checking config.cpp inside your exile_server_config.pbo manually, or using text crawler, or some similar app which will check all files inside that folder for any "class CfgPatches" mention. Alternatively you can try commenting it with /* infront and */ after in config.cpp and let that other class CfgPatches loads, to see what will happen, but I would rather suggest you find that second instance, make sure both are the same and than comment one of those two out as mentioned above. Or you can start all over from scratch ;D Even though I can't figure out how you managed to do that by following pretty straight forward instructions, but I guess we all did all kind of weird stuff when we were setting up our 1st server (at least I know I did XD).
  3. Thx @Knocks Is there a way to load existing trader.sqf objects to editor so I don't have to start from scratch? Edit: nvm, saved new mission in editor, added sqf to it, created init and included sqf. Than executed include locally in debug console, which loaded the objects on coordinates specified in config. Than i copied all objects (because you cannot manipulate the loaded ones, you can only copy them (at least i couldn't figure it out)), and placed them on exact same spot as loaded ones, selected them all and rotate the whole stack. However i still have difficulties exporting it back to trader files, if I just export them objects don't spawn, and if I export them relative to center. they spawn, but are still facing 0 degree rotation (not the angle I set up on editor) so its basically if I didn't change anything.
  4. Was having the same thing, with default objects (trader boards, map boards) and custom ones (3x doors needed to be open before entering the building, etc.), than I realized I have #include "initServer.sqf" line in my initPlayerLocal.sqf Looked like this before: Removed the line, and no more duplicate objects/buildings appear, so it must be also on your server that its loaded multiple times due to some init string.
  5. Can you pls post a screenshot of your database?
  6. Or Easy Trader folder files if you use easy traders, make sure commented categories are on the bottom of the list, not in between active categories, otherwise you will have an empty spaces like this, where the commented categories are.
  7. That is exactly my question, rotating entire structure, without having to deal with every individual object in the file.
  8. do you have a separate database for each server?
  9. I have changed the location of Occupation trader cities, and added some on different locations, but some of them I would like to turn around their axis, for example I want the vehicle trader side to be closest to the road, instead of being on the oposite side of the trader city, without rearanging trader/object positions within the trader citiy.
  10. Check your RPT for errors, there could be something else that manifests in missions not clearing up (I was also experiencing it when my CPU overheated), so it doesn't have to be necessarily connected with that addon. Also make sure the packed PBO has $PREFIX$ or $PBOPREFIX$, or both inside, some pbo managers dont pack it right so it is needed to be added manually with CTRL+V to already packed pbo. If you extract a pbo to folder you should see those files inside, same should be if you repack it, and open packed pbo with double click.