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  1. Brenner

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Change number in line 14 in BaseServer.sqf to 2 or 3
  2. Brenner

    Dedicated Exile Server Problems

    Hi, I am 38 years old, English is also not my native language, and there are even older people here on forum, whose experience and knowledge is far greater than yours and mine together. I will try to make this post as short as possible, but I cannot promise it will be like that. First thing, there is a nice straightforward, step by step tutorial on how to create an Exile server here: Guide about TADST Exile server setup I honestly doubt you found here (I know at this point you probably think it is making thing easier for you, but as the time passes you will probably notice its limitations, as most of us did), and probably 99% of the forum will tell you to get rid of it and use the guide above, and they are right. Second your whole command line, well since my experince is limited, I will just say that this is the first time I see a command line like this, but I get it, it is probably TADST Maybe after reading the guide from "First thing" it will be clearer to you why I am saying this. Don't get me wrong, I really want you and your son have a nice server, just the way you like it, to play on, and if any issue arise that you are able to fix it. This is also not a good sign database errors too, probably and this could be the reason things tend not to work on the server and based on the FPS from your RPT, and the number of players and threads, I would say your server is dying My advice to you would be (and please don't get me wrong, I am not telling you this because I don't want to help you, or I think or assume this or that, or because I am a person that I am, but I truly want you to create an awesome server for you and your kid) read that guide from the first spoiler, start building a new server from scratch, 1. install one mod, 2. check RPT, and test it if it works, if it doesn't, fix it before proceeding to next step, (if you need help with specific mod or error ask here, on Discord, or simply google) 3. make a backup, 4. repeat previous steps As for day, you can set up in Occupation config.sqf (and you will need to de-pbo it, and re-pbo it after changing config values (and copy $PREFIX$ manually from extracted folder to packed pbo, after re-pbo if using PBO Manager) to have a normal speed of day and a really fast night (the other solution is to buy Infistar which has the option to change night to day instantly, or use player voting for day) Good luck!
  3. Brenner

    reset vehicle pin codes

    Why don't you ask in the topic of a mod that you are using, or open a new topic for specific issue, cause this is getting way OT. This way if anyone is searching for the same info in the correct topic, they wont find it because the answer will be in completely different topic, with topic title that has nothing to do with the actual issue or possible solution.
  4. Brenner

    [UPDATE] ExAd v1.0.4

    you can use Text Crawler, or similar app to search the files for specific text, eg. extdb2, it will output all the files that has it.
  5. Brenner

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

  6. Brenner

    Database Error: Error Unknown Protocol

    I didn't say you are a fucking camel, I just provided you with the info I had, based on info you provided. But let me apologize, down's syndrome persons wont spam your thread anymore. Good luck.
  7. Brenner

    XM8 is not working

    Any RPT errors?
  8. Brenner

    Database Error: Error Unknown Protocol

    ExtDB3 and AVS is known to cause issues, unless you are very good at scripting and able to merge ExtDB3 overrides with AVS overrides, even than it is a question if AVS will work properly, that is of course if no database issues occur.
  9. Brenner

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Like I said, this timer is a part of Exile mod, not FuMS, but it is possible that on Themes start (since all missions are loaded one right after another) that some toasts get "pushed out" by new toasts (at least I hope that is what you mean). DMS and ZCP are not loading all missions at once like FuMS, but have a delay after each mission spawns, so it appears that toasts last longer, but instead they last as predefined, while the FuMS ones on mission loading get pushed out by new spawning missions toasts, or at least I think so :)
  10. Brenner

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    If you mess one thing up in Arma, whole bunch of other stuff will go wrong. As for RPT sometimes reading it carefully can help you find the error, on other occasions some logic has to be involved. What I would do if I were you is trying to fix the errors that I can and than see what is left in RPT (if any). Such as: If any other errors are left I would open a separate topic regarding the error, not use the topic of addons affected by side effects of the error, because this error obviously has nothing to do with DMS which works flawlessly out of the box.
  11. Brenner

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    you would need to override the default toasts display time (which would affect all toasts, not only FuMS ones) as described in Toasts topic on page 2:
  12. Brenner

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    You can compare it to the github files posted on first page. If you are using FLEE command, the second you used it on a captive, it is no longer neutral to other AIs ( Note: Captives remain 'neutral' to AI until directed to Flee. ), so if they run into some reinforcements (for example from Help_Helo child mission) on their way to freedom, they get shot by the other hostile AI's and die, and that can make mission failed as defined in spoiler below:
  13. Brenner

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Commands for the Captives mission are explained in the Docs/Missionfile/ 9) Misc Instructions/ xiv. "Captured" : As for the code lock making vehicles persistent is another script which has nothing to do with FuMS, but it can be used paralel to it: And zombies do suffocate the server eventually, so atm the recommended setting for them is off, until someone figure out a fix for it.
  14. Brenner

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    I have no HC on map or anywhere in game, except in FuMS commanding menu, and it works fine, missions spawn, toasts work (even though I more prefer info toasts, so I changed warning toasts to info). You need to add HC to mission.sqm, but you need to de-binarize it first, extract your Exile.mission.pbo from mpmissions to: than open it from editor, go to save as, and untick binarization on bottom. Navigate to the path above where you copied your mission.sqm, (if you open it now it should contain classes etc.), add this class and and copy it to your extracted mission folder, re-pbo it (copy $PREFIX$ manually to .pbo from folder if it doesn't get packed), and set up FuMS Headless client (make a copy of arma3server.exe, rename it to hc.exe, create new txt file in server root, paste in it: (if you don't use Ryanzombies & Demons, remove @Ryanzombies;, and adjust IP/port if needed), save, rename it to HC.bat) Next add to your @ExileServer\config.cfg and server IP Save, run HC.bat first, than server My mission.sqm for comparison: The only error I get in rpt right after hc init (even thou everything works afterwards and no other error spawn) is:
  15. Brenner

    1.0.4 Safe Kit not working properly

    had similar issue on ExtDb3, reinstalling ExtDb3 overrides fixed the issue.