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  1. Answered my own question, option 2 does work ok.
  2. Slightly odd question but does the map TriggerSettings file support random numbers? Like for max zombie count in triggers for example instead of having 10 could I do 10 + (round (random 5)) I'm not sure if that'd work because the number is being declared inside of the array rather than before being passed to the array as an already determined number. Or could I declare a private variable for each trigger in that file before the triggers themselves and then replace the number with that? So like private ["_EZM_Trigger_1_zCount"]; _EZM_Trigger_1_zCount = 10 + (round (random 5)); Then in the EZM_Trigger_1 array replace the number with that private variable? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  3. Could anyone confirm whether the Respawn Delay setting in map triggersettings files are minutes or seconds? Trying to make it possible to clear a town of zombies for a short period so people don't have to deal with constant streams of them when doing missions but don't seem to be having much luck.
  4. Kham

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    So far I've only updated my test server but I was able to connect just fine with verifySignatures = 2; now on 1.88
  5. Does anybody have any issues with location of UAVs not updating in the database, thus reverting to their spawn location next to traders after a server restart? I have them all in game and working fine, but any of the ones we need to hack before we can use with the terminal don't appear to update their locations in the database. Edit: Actually, looks like it's not just ones I need to hack with this issue. It's all of the UAVs, the UGV (Strider) which can carry passengers appears to update it's location fine in the database. Anyone have a workaround for this?
  6. Wasn't asking for how to generate BE filters. That's not the issue
  7. Just wanting to see if anybody has any clues as to why on my localhost test server BE does not kick me for things that my hosted server does kick me for? I use my localhost server to setup mods and test things out to make sure they are ok before putting them on the live server, I like to configure BE here too so as to avoid people having to deal with kicks and restarts on the live server while I sort those. However I've found that sometimes I still get BE kicks me or other players on the hosted server for things that BE seems to allow without issue on my localhost. Both servers use the exact same filters so it makes no sense to me. Does anybody have any ideas? It'd be great to be certain that no BE kicks on my localhost would also mean no BE kicks happening when I upload the new files to the live server.
  8. Kham

    Call extension 'extDB2' could not be loaded

    Yeah the problem I'm having, and that several others have reported, is when you're using a localhost server you do not get the option to click "OK" on errors such as that. The only option is to force close the client. I run localhost so I can avoid major downtime on our hosted servers whilst I'm working on my own mods or working to add in other people's mods to the server. Sadly, the devs don't seem to be worried about fixing it until 1.0.4 hits so until then I'm just SOL.
  9. Kham

    Call extension 'extDB2' could not be loaded

    Haha, I've spent two days bashing my head against the wall trying to figure out why the server couldn't read from my local database and it was because of this. Be nice if the download page included a link to those instructions for using the 64bit server version. This got the database part working, but sadly I'm still not able to play because I'm now getting the skeleton car bone count error a lot of people have reported and although the devs said to ignore it, there isn't actually an option to ignore it so you simply can't play until it's fixed.