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    ARTIC Exile Hardcore

    ARTIC Exile is an upcoming Hardcore Exile Server. This server is ARTIC’s try to bring ArmA Exile to another level. Our goal ist to make things different. We don’t want Exile to be a pure deathmatch, but a game with survival feeling, immersion and great atmosphere. We will have our first public test and launch on January 28th 2018, at 7pm CET. Everybody is welcome! Be sure to join our Steam group and Discord Server. You can find the links below. What does Hardcore mean? The server does only allow first person perspective, no matter what you are doing or where you are. Additionally, we want good loot to be harder to find and decrease overpowered items in general. This does not mean, that we will remove high calibre weapons, but they will be rare and expensive. We even decreased the sell price factor, to make looting more effective, instead of buying at traders. There is much more to discover, and more information will be available very soon. About the public test As stated above, the first launch will be on January 28th 2018 (7pm CET). Remember that the launch will take place on a test machine, which means that the server’s performance might not be the best. You will most likely even find an amount of bugs and other issues. Please report those on our Discord server. WIP Please note that server and website are still in progress and not in their final state. I am still working on many things, so see this as a beta. Report all suggestions, ideas, bugs and issues on our Discord Server. A community board will be available soon. Running Mods: @CBA_A3 @cup_terrains_core @cup_terrains_maps @Esseker @NIArms @rhsusf @rhsafrf @ryanzombies @TRYK @Friths_Ruin @Enhanced_movement Thanks for reading!
  2. cyngee

    Can't join own server with Exile 3DEN plugin

    Will try! Thanks you very much
  3. cyngee

    Can't join own server with Exile 3DEN plugin

    Thanks for your answer. That is what I am doing but is there no other way to fix it? It is really annoying to add/remove the plugin every time I join my server for testing.
  4. Hello, I am editing some traders with the 3den exile addon right now and I get kicked for missing keys as soon as I join the server. Message: Exile key is installed on the server and up to date. I've searched google but couldn't find anything helpful. What am I missing? Thanks for reading, cyngee