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  1. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Server Error

    Hey All, I hope I have asked this in the right place, I am getting a lot of this kind of error, "House 8ef6eb00# 389100: helfenburk.p3d (to) not found in the operative map" Any ideas what may be generating it and how I bugger it off? Thanks in advance. Rob
  2. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Dynamic Vehicle Spawn with Items in their Inventory

    How did you get on with this? Any success?
  3. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] XP Tax

    The best script I have ever used to upset the population of our server... Love it, worked a treat... thank you very much
  4. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] USS Nimitz Occupation

    Yeah awesome, i am trying to get it to Abramia but i am not so good with the editor side
  5. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] CUP AI Ship

    This looks awesome, any chance of making an Abramia version or if anyone has one can they share it please? Thanks
  6. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hey all. sorry if this has been asked/answered, looked and couldnt see anything. I am getting this error 19:17:12 Error in expression <purposes, otherwise you could just put "diag_tickTime" into the "DMS_AddMissionT> 19:17:12 Error position: <diag_tickTime" into the "DMS_AddMissionT> Has anyone come across this error? Is there an obvious fix Thanks
  7. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Isla Abramia

    Hey all, Sorry to be a pain, has anyone got map configs for DMS? Thanks Rob
  8. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    ExAd addon spawn Exile Supply Crate

    hehe is this a trick script Any chance of the pop ups popping up please?
  9. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] PVP Map Markers

    Legend thank you
  10. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Extended Base Mod

    Is this in now? Also, in arma 2 there were sets of equipment, like a mechanics area with workshop, tools, a vehicle up on blocks etc, is that still in arma 3
  11. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Extended Base Mod

    That would be awesome but its a pain in the ass if its like arma2
  12. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] Exile Isla Abramia

    Any chance of resharing this, it seems to have expired! Thanks
  13. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] PVP Map Markers

    Fantastic mod, thanks for this, just wondered if it was possible to add players to be ignored, for instance i dont want to display server admin's on the map. Thanks again Rob
  14. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    This fella is a legend, I grabbed his paint script installed it but it didn't work, I dropped him a message on his discord channel and boom he took a look realized that I was an idiot so he started typing in words of one or two syllables! After just a short time he found the error from something I had done, told me how to fix it and everything fell into place. Great coder, patient, helpful! I will definitely get other scripts from him in the future. Thanks Again
  15. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

    Awesome, thanks for sharing
  16. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    R3F Exile

    In reference to the mozzie or in general?
  17. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Albramia 1.04 Dedicated Server files for public

    Thanks for the share, just out of interest, do you have permission to distribute everything that's here? Thanks Rob
  18. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    R3F Exile

    Anyone get any joy from this ?
  19. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Extended Base Mod

    Hey, I am also having issues with CrowsFeet. i drop them on the ground but i dont get a scroll wheel option, i just see a brown wooden box , any ideas? Thanks Rob
  20. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

    haha, Kuplion says ..... lol
  21. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

    I like that idea, my guys would have a shit if i did that
  22. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

    Love this, thanks a bunch! really like geekm0nkeys idea about limiting it to days or perhaps from protection period to protection period.
  23. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [RELEASE] Anomaly & Creatures Pack by Alias

    I had checked it in the mission scripts just completely missed it in the weed.sqf Thanks for your help, much appreciated
  24. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [RELEASE] Anomaly & Creatures Pack by Alias

    Hi, as I said previously love these missions they are the perfect amount of madness! I have tried to add in the weed as per your instructions and using the script from GolovaRaoul but when I harvest the weed the Plant doesn't disappear. it gives you the 'Money' into your inventory then lets you do it again and again I have double checked and I can't see what I am doing wrong, no errors etc, any ideas? Much appreciated. Rob
  25. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Harvest Weed

    i am having an issue that after you harvest the plant stays, i am sure i am doing something wrong but i cant see it, anyone got any ideas?