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  1. Any way of making the ground level start at the base of the flag? Using this current ground level players are not able to build at sea.
  2. Is it possible to change the size of a players Bank / Locker Size depending on their player id?
  3. metta.

    Virtue Exile | Lingor

    Map - Lingor Mods - CUP Terrains Core - CBA - NiArms All in One - SMA Weapons - VSM Clothing All in One - TYRK Clothing - RHSUSAF - RHSAFRF Features - Militarised - Balanced - 40K Start - Loot+ - PVP+ - Roaming AI - Vector Building - Custom Locations - Custom Missions - Capture Points - Custom Black Market Trader - Random Vehicle spawns on map - Supply Crates - Heli Crashes - XM8 apps - Status Bar / View Distance / Deploy Vehicle / Cookbook / Airdrops / Privet Message / Compass - Trader anti-ram - Retrieve Bodies from Destroyed Vehicles - Claim Vehicles with code locks - Vehicle Tow - Crate Load in - Rappel - Vehicle / Base Painting
  4. metta.

    Easy Exile color correction

    @τĿ | Care Bear cheers
  5. metta.

    Easy Exile color correction

    After adding this, the effect of being hurt (blood on screen) is no more. Players don't know if they are close to death. Any fix?
  6. metta.

    Construction Items not Spawning

    we are using extdb3
  7. metta.

    Construction Items not Spawning

    So I've encountered a problem with my server. Basically, the construction items (floors, walls, etc.) are not spawning on server restarts. They do however go into the database when being placed down. The problem is grabbing that information from the database on restarts. Keep in mind it is the Construction side that is the problem. Territory flags work fine.
  8. metta.

    Virtue Exile | Chernarus Redux

    Virtue Exile is a new and upcoming Community offering a fun and exciting Exile experience. With weekly updates, the server is constantly changing to what you, the player wants. With incredible FPS, amazing custom locations and intense missions, it is the perfect server for you and possibly your group. With friendly and active Admins, we are always there if you have any questions. It's your experience that's important to us. So come on in. Here are some Features that may tickle your fancy: Custom Missions Custom Locations Wages +Loot +FPS Anti Theft Safezones Halo Jump Vector Building Vehicle Deploy +XM8 Apps Base / Vehicle Painting 25K Start Balanced ... a lot more!
  9. It wont be all small addons like that. I'm afraid we are creating our own community. It is EU, thanks for the offer though
  10. We are looking for someone who can modify the server to the players wants. The server already has a lot but it will be small things like adding 'load crates into vehicles', 'trader anti-theft', 'base painting' (small scripts like those) put potentially more in the future. Our server already has a lot, we just need to tie up a lot of loose ends.
  11. Long story short. I created an exile server over January. The map itself has awesome custom locations created by myself. I put a lot of work into it but now as I'm back to college I am unable to maintain and future develop the server. As well as that, I have had no experience with this side of scripting before, so I am limited to what I want to add. With already 70+ people in our Discord the interest is already there, we just need the extra push to make the server even better. I will be focusing on the branding and promotion side. Please add me if you are interested, or message me on discord. Discord: Server Overview: Thanks, Metta
  12. metta.

    Changed to Redux

    Come in and try it for yourself! All INFO can be found in our Discord. Any question you may have just message @MettaPlays