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  1. I hope this thread isn't too old to post in. I attempted to add this to my server. The carrier is there with traders, that I'm pretty happy about. The only issues are- Minor: Traders have no animations. Not too worried about that. Moderate: None of the extra objects are there- i.e. the trader signs, the lockers, the helipad spawn points, the other decorative items. Error 13 when buying helis. Went over my config multiple times, I can't seem to find the issue. Here is my initserver.sqf As far as the error 13, I tried things listed in the tread, changing heights- but the fact that the other objects aren't showing up makes me think the helipads aren't. I've added custom traders and signs to my server before without issue as seen at the bottom private _objects. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Edit : I figured out what the problem was. I was adding the block of code at the bottom of initserver.sqf originally. I didn't think that would be a problem, but I guess it was. I moved it from the bottom up to under the private _objects block. It works now.
  2. So after hours and hours of googling and looking through forum posts... I must say I'm confused about whether or not the EBM doors, lights, etc not working after server restart is fixed? I have the most recent live version of EBM and after a restart the doors didn't work. I added the ExileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf "fix" and it got the doors working, except for the new concrete stuff and the EBM buildings like domes. I added those classes to the list but things like research buildings and lights don't work still. I went through ~80 pages and from what I gathered, that fix isnt needed anymore? What am I doing wrong?
  3. Hey everyone. After applying this fix along with All of the bases on the server were wiped. The territories are still there, but all parts are gone. I followed the instructions, triple checked the files. A thing to note, the fix layed out in the first thread worked fine without wiping parts, when I added the items in the second part it wiped all base parts. Luckily I did snapshot the VM before making changes. Any ideas?