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  1. Tich

    Hacking EBM containers

    So bear in mind I haven't done this. I customized Exad for this instead of 1.0.4. Why are you using picklock and renaming? There should be a hack safe. Copy that from the safe option as that is calling hotwire_vehicle. class HackLock: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Hack Lock"; condition = "(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> 'CfgHacking' >> 'enableHacking') isEqualTo 1) && ('Exile_Item_Laptop' in (magazines player)) && ((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo -1) && !"; action = "['HackLock', _this select 0] call ExileClient_action_execute"; };
  2. This is a simple variable volume script accompanied by a GUI to look a lot nicer. I'm generally a well versed coder but now I am starting to learn GUI. This is one of the first I have done so I thought I'd share it with you all. It's nothing major. Also as a side-note the it's blue not orange like it is in the video. Feel free to change it as you wish. Features: Graphical interface for volume level You can alter each 10 levels of volume Only works when the earplugs are inserted You can change the colours as you wish. Do this by altering the image files or the dialog config. To make it even more flexible. Don't add the key_up override and instead append "infiSTAR_keyBinds_defaults.sqf" so players can change to whatever buttons they wish. Controls: 7 - Volume Down 8 - Volume Up Video: Github: https://github.com/Tich-PrecisionGaming/pg_variableVolume
  3. Tich

    [Exile Chernarus2035] Server crash

    Try posting your arma 3 extdb3 logs. It's usually a good idea not to change database while you have an error.
  4. Hi guys. You may have heard of us you may not have. I'm the owner of Xstreme Gaming. I have run this from the start of the year. I was not the founder but I have given it a major overhaul. We have 700+ in our discord We have 4000+ on our forums I'm very big on staff ethics. That means that staff are always mature and respectful. They do not discriminate and especially they do not abuse powers or players. In return I will always defend my staff as bad users also exist. I cannot offer you money but I can offer you a great team to work with and some awesome experience as well as some really well maintained servers. A little about me. I am a Computer Hardware Engineer, in my 20's currently unwell so I treat this as my full-time gig and I love it. It won't be forever but I would love to get it to a great self maintained stage. Where we can all enjoy it. This is Australian based, although I am in New Zealand. Always happy to chat to mature and respectful users and staff. Even co-develop. I am currently looking for moderators and developers. What does this mean? A Developer is a developer of anything: Artwork, HTML, Arma, 3D modelling, Website Design(PHP, Javascript), even if you want another game to develop on, etc. If you can do it i'd love to have you on board as I am currently the only one, it would be nice to work together. A Moderator is mature this means over 20 but also mature mentally. They are friendly and keen to help players. Powers are not a privilege, they are a curse. They are not for your own use or anyone you play with. They are also a last resort. If you fulfill these requirements please feel free to send me a message. What else I can give you? Well we are currently rebuilding and expanding we are also re-branding. The server has had some bad associations in the past and we are not like that in anyway since I have taken over. If you would like to be apart of an expanding fun team then that's what I can give. Thanks for reading. Our servers: Exile Chernarus Exile Altis Exile Redux Hardcore Fallout DayZ Contact: PM http://discord.xstremegaming.com http://xstremegaming.com
  5. #1 You are right. This is setup a little different on my server so copying the code in the init was wrong. Thanks for letting me know. #2 If the grenade thing does happen. There's not much I can do. #3 You are correct the bug has been updated. Like I said this is my first go at GUI. The defines has only one define uniquely named so i'm unsure why you are so worked up. It's there if they want to use it outside of exile. If they want to use their own define they can. Because if you open that file it is very obvious what to do, but I appended it for you . Edit: It was slightly more than one line but it was just a copy paste from the key up.
  6. Never hurts to keep your question and post your solution.
  7. Tich

    Blank Spaces In Server Trader

    The blanks spaces mean you either haven't got the mod on client side, or you have a class in there that doesn't exist.
  8. Tich

    Props/Objects Mod

    @ICE68 Yes, they need the mod. That was what I was answering. Placement is in the mission though.
  9. @Brenner If you are still looking to do this. 1. Override ExileServer_system_network_event_onPlayerConnected. 2. Replace with this. (Just the new variable) private["_isKnownAccount"]; _uid = _this select 0; _name = _this select 1; forceHalo_isNewAccount = false; if !(_uid in ["", "__SERVER__", "__HEADLESS__"]) then { format["Player %1 (UID %2) connected!", _name, _uid] call ExileServer_util_log; _isKnownAccount = format["isKnownAccount:%1", _uid] call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingleField; if (_isKnownAccount) then { format["startAccountSession:%1:%2", _uid, _name] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; } else { format["createAccount:%1:%2", _uid, _name] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; forceHalo_isNewAccount = true; }; }; true 3. In your overwritten ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onListBoxSelectionChanged change it to this: private["_listBoxControl","_listBoxControlIndex","_display","_spawnButton","_spawnButton2"]; disableSerialization; _listBoxControl = _this select 0; _listBoxControlIndex = _this select 1; _display = uiNamespace getVariable ["xstremeGroundorHaloDialog",displayNull]; ExileClientSelectedSpawnLocationMarkerName = _listBoxControl lbData _listBoxControlIndex; _spawnButton = _display displayCtrl 1600; _spawnButton ctrlEnable true; if(!forceHalo_isNewAccount) then{ _spawnButton2 = _display displayCtrl 1601; _spawnButton2 ctrlEnable true; }; if !((_listBoxControl lbText _listBoxControlIndex) == "Random") then { ExileClientSelectedSpawnLocationMarkerName call ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_zoomToMarker; }; true That should work. I haven't tested it though.
  10. Tich

    Props/Objects Mod

    Textures are too big unfortunately and can't be put in the mission file. If you could put them in the mission, you would have to download a gig+ each time you join a server and make a change to the file. For a client to view a texture it must have the texture locally and there is no way around that.
  11. Tich

    Exile Cant Join Server

    @DaCrazyKiwiGamer The DB will definitely not without -servermod="@exileserver". Make sure that is in there and try agian. Make sure all your database information is the same and strict hasn't turned itself back on.
  12. Tich

    Exile Cant Join Server

    Are you sure that is your full RPT? It doesn't look like the server has even loaded the mission yet. You are also not using -servermod=@exileserver. Probably your problem. In tadst just add that to launch parameters.
  13. Tich

    Exile Cant Join Server

    Post your extdb log and/or your server RPT. To pastebin and link please.
  14. Tich

    Adding Weapons to Vehicles

    What you will want to do is override ExileServer_object_carefulCreateVehicle in CfgExileCustomeCode. Then use this anywhere in there: if(_vehObj isKindOf "B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F") then { _vehObj removeWeaponTurret ["missiles_DAR",[-1]]; _vehObj removeMagazinesTurret ["24Rnd_missiles",[-1]]; _vehObj removeWeaponTurret ["M134_minigun",[-1]]; _vehObj removeMagazinesTurret ["5000Rnd_762x51_Belt",[-1]]; _vehObj addWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_Transport",[-1]]; _vehObj addMagazineTurret ["2000Rnd_65x39_Belt",[-1]]; _vehObj addMagazineTurret ["2000Rnd_65x39_Belt",[-1]]; _vehObj addWeaponTurret ["CMFlareLauncher",[0]]; _vehObj addWeaponTurret ["CMFlareLauncher",[-1]]; _vehObj addMagazineTurret ["60Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",[0]]; _vehObj addMagazineTurret ["60Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",[-1]]; }; In the if condition, change that to the class of the vehicle you want. In the If statement change it to the weapon and ammunition you want. Cfg Class Codes Helpful Weapon and Ammo additions Use -1 in the second argument for the driver, then 0 and up for other seats. Side note: You can also use removeWeaponTurret ["Weapon",[_position]]; to remove weapons aswell.
  15. Oh, jesus you really do take everything quite personally. I'm not going to keep arguing on a thread that is now derailed, but since you keep getting personal I waste my time to refute. No one asked for your credentials. I only stated where my opinion came from because you questioned it. You keep claiming to state facts, you did that once to a google link in your first post. You then presume to know my credentials. You also don't need to keep using capitals to try and yell over the forums. It's funny you can have all that experience and act so childish. Your previous 'might' statements are moot, because you could then say his PC "MIGHT" overheat and die running Arma. There's no point in stating that. It's why, when people state things they state it for the large majority of cases, not every little incident that might happen. You can head back over to https://reddit.com/r/Iamverysmart it's probably a good reference for you if you want to go on a rant about how much you know about SSD's. So again because saying it two times already doesn't stick. You have provided no facts. You have sited one google search, which isn't even clear on what video or part you want watched. Clearly you have never written anything academic because there's a reason you reference in a certain way, and referencing a google search and stating that is '10 bits of evidence' is incredibly unclear and doesn't support anything. Then stating "facts" which don't even related to SSD's by providing no more evidence in your post, which you state is so important. This "Proof" talks about using SSD's in data centers. Where SSD's are being written to 24/7. How is this even related to your argument of this user killing his SSD's. The reason the whole argument is moot is because he: A. Doesn't use and SSD B. Does use an SSD I think it's pretty obvious he should use one if he has it available. He can test it if he wants, if he finds out it has a small number of writes, then what? He doesn't use it, and put it away? Either way we're not getting some small question and getting him to run diagnostics on every part of his machine. Maybe he should test his memory to make sure the PC can utilize it all too. Why would I need to? Is this a petty tactic to try and out word a statement? If you seriously don't think an SSD will improve performance in the vast majority of cases I doubt your experience (If people had to account for the vast minority of cases using "will" then the word shouldn't even exist). This isn't even about what advice is better now it's about you being petty enough to try win an argument rather than get the useful information out. Why would I lie about something being a typo? I don't need to lie to back-pedal. Anyone who has experience with programming arma can back this up. A mod is an addition of textures and code. It is the same as the packages already included in the DLC and original game. Therefore it's a reasonable statement to say it is read the same. Why is it read the same? Because again, you PHYSICALLY do not have enough memory to store the resources of either the mod or game on your memory, which you cannot seem to grasp, will just keep chirping "evidence, evidence, evidence" like a parrot. Since you want to keep being personal, you clearly don't know English yourself. This is an actual dictionary definition: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/argue. Not that it matters because this is about the question but you keep bringing it back to try and poke holes in words rather than the original topic. Clearly the way you have argued it's in the form of a dispute. Used Intransitively.. Here : Well you have spent the last few arguments getting personal and for the amount 'wind' you have let out you have provided one google search and two links about SSD's in Enterprise uses. An intelligent discussion doesn't include the holes you try and poke in words, the personal attacks and the mix of capitals to improve your points. It's good you 'terminated' the conversation. I think you're a waste of everyone's time because you have really only just derailed the topic and said his SSD might die one day if he uses it. Glad you wasted both our time and everyone else's.
  16. I am not trying to argue. Nor am I going to. I'm not going to waste my time with making some proof either. I literally have a lot of better things to do. What I said is based off of experience and my education. You can listen to it or get angry, I really don't mind I just didn't want OP believing what you are implying. You claim misreading. I never said that the SSD won't degrade from use. I implied it is pointless to tip-toe around the limited writes because then no one will ever use it that quickly. You did actually say that you might notice no difference. I am saying you will notice a difference. You do realise that the arma executable isn't what is the whole game? The Executable is read into RAM. It's read off of the drive once. The resources are what is swapped out. I don't need proof. If you want some, read a book and stop watching Linus Tech Tips. The game plus mods is well over 30GB, far more than the likely amount of ram he has. I'm not going to provide proof just for some advice. Lastly what you have said are not all facts. They're assumptions. You had one thing of proof for other games. Then applied it to a different game. You then went on to talk about if yours was a server. Which is completely different from the client in the way it functions. Your one reference is a link to a google search too. @Z80CPU
  17. Tich

    CUP as required addon?

    The real way to solve this is go into your mission.sqm. Change: addons[]={ }; TO: addons[]={ "cup_creatures_people_core", "CUP_AirVehicles_Core", "CUP_BaseConfigs" }; Either paste that in or append the one already there. What this does is make a pbo required. The three i've put in there are 1 each from CUP Weapons, Vehicles, and Units. You can add others from other mods too. In turn it will make the mods required too. You can find the PBO's in the mods folder under "addons".
  18. @Z80CPU I don't agree with your whole statement. First things first it isn't for the server, rather the game. Also the game doesn't do much in terms of writes other than the odd save. The writes it does do is noway near enough to degrade an SSD not for years and years and years. Using Google Chrome would do more damage. Also the game won't limit it's read speed. So it won't work at say "100MB/s" it will work at the maximum possible read speed. Hence why SSD's increase load times. Also the game files are read just as much as the mod files. Why? because the textures are very large both in the mod and the game files. A mod is generally just some added textures and some times some logic too.
  19. It'll be different for everyone. Depends if your OS is on your HDD or your HDD is always on due to other programs, etc. The worst you can do is try it, but I would generally recommend against it.
  20. You may find it worse. Your loading time will be quicker, but your game will intermittently pull resources from the mod. Not only will it be slow from the HDD it may stutter because the drive will stop and start-up to access it. I would say either have it all on the HDD or all on the SSD. Unless you have a large amount of ram like 64gbs, then use a RAM Disk.
  21. Tich

    Easy Exile color correction

    Would also appreciate thanks! Will check back in a few hours
  22. Tich

    Exile Scavenge Framework - 0.7 BETA (23.10.2017)

    I'm having two issues: 1. The loading bar will freeze intermittently I changed your code in playScavengeEvent to this: If you like it I think you should use it. The original code will sleep and step by the same amount not accounting for code execution time and longer delays by the "sleep" command, which causes stuttering and freezing during a search. 2. It will say someone has found and item but no item actually drops. Maybe undefined classes in my loot tables but never had an issue in my logs.
  23. Tich

    Xstreme Exile Chero-Redux DayZ

    Xstreme Exile Chernarus-Redux is a DayZ style game. It includes custom crafting, ammo crafting, marxet(Market X), which is a player driven economy. Our aim is to make it as close to DayZ survival while incorporating our own features to enhanced gameplay. You can: Climb on buildings, Repair single parts, hold two primary weapons, fight hordes of zombies, investigate mission areas, build bases, raid bases, and much more Features include: -Custom zombie missions -Ammo Crafting -Lockable cars with keys -Persistant car spawns Xstreme gaming has been around for 3 years running the top servers for exile in Australia/NZ. Come join us today in discord.
  24. Tich

    Xstreme Exile Malden Australia

    Fresh wipe. Open top light Armour vehicles with custom Sector C mission and enhanced movement. Xstreme gaming has been around for 3 years running the top servers for exile in Australia/NZ. Come join us today in discord.
  25. Tich

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    Typo: ExileServer_system_territory_network_payFlagRansomRequest.sqf [_sessionID, "toastRequest", ["SuccessTitleOnly", ["Random paid!"]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; Should be ransom