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  1. Cpt. KEK

    Exile Warfare

    Создал новый сервер для любителей PVP, на сервере много тяжёлой техники, вертолёт летающий между трэйд зонами перевозящий игроков и многое другое. Нужны игроки, если заинтересовало, присоединяйтесь. Каждому новому игроку даётся 50 тысяч и стартовый набор для базы!
  2. Hello, for some reason exile crafting doesn`t work on my server, unfrortunately i bought it and don`t know what was changed. In game you press craft and nothing happends. It would be very nice if you could tell me how this can be fixed or at least, where are the configs and other files wich are responsible for craft? 

  3. Cpt. KEK

    Exile crafting

    For some reason players just can`t craft staff. The recipes are shown in xm8 and this part works. But when they are redirected to vanilla exile craft and press the button "craft" Nothing happens, not even an error
  4. Cpt. KEK

    Exile Warfare

    Exile Warfare is a PVP based server with armed vehicles included. WE have active admins and working on server constantly. Server features include: Heli-Taxi Between traders, Spawn of vehicles in spawn-cities, Craft of vechicles Frequent Events Server has active admins!
  5. Cpt. KEK

    Server info in Esc Menu

    Thank you, found it and changed as i wanted to
  6. Cpt. KEK

    Server info in Esc Menu

    Where exactly, i couldn`t find it
  7. Cpt. KEK

    Server info in Esc Menu

    I couldn`t find it, can you please send a screenshot?
  8. Cpt. KEK

    Server info in Esc Menu

    I`ll have a look, thank you
  9. Cpt. KEK

    Server info in Esc Menu

    I wonder how do i change this part of the server info? (Circled in red)