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  1. @Z80CPU Something like this?
  2. Is it possible to use plain text instead of marker icons? If so, a short explanation would be nice, maybe an example. Thx.
  3. Agree that. Delay time depends from server to server I think. As you told, the FIRST TIME using a engine takes time ...... if the mod is loaded ONCE it works instant by a second try. If someone use infiSTAR and this mod you must disable TP detecting ........ otherwise you stand on the same place you started with the train.
  4. I don't want to claim anything I don't know for sure. But in my opinion the many small locomotives and wagons on the map (TANOA) are nothing else than a tree or a house. Nevertheless, after you have installed the mod, all of them are suddenly mobile. And BTW ...... I did not ask, I told Anthonym1989 how it works. And I say that I did not know if there are locomotives or wagons on the chernarus map ....... but when, the mod make them moveable.
  5. The problem: Some people think the Internet (or the cyber world) is a legal vacuum and they can cheat without consequences. On my server even people who have a VAC Ban are banned immediately ......... no matter how long ago or in what game. Learn to take responsibility and accept consequences ..... and don't tell us the fairy tale of "mistake".
  6. Nope
  7. This is what Advanced Train Simulator does ....... regonize the class name and make it moveable. When I used this on Tanoa it takes some seconds till you can move the trains.
  8. Weren't there locomotives and wagons on the Chernarus Map? I only knew Chernarus from DayZ Standalone.
  9. @Anthonym1989 I had it on tanoa ....... works pretty fine. To install it: Load the mod on your server root dir ( @Advanced Train Simulator ) Change your commandline to something like this: "-mod:@Exile;@Advanced Train Simulator" Thats it. Nothing in your mission or something else.
  10. Thx for your answer care bear. I'm afraid your suggestion goes beyond my abilities
  11. One first: If you cannot make a effective contribution, you should make none. Thx My Question: Is there a way to force the driver of a tank to drive with the hatch open? Please no discussion about sense or nonsense..... there will be a reason I ask .....
  12. Fog or haze is a completely natural phenomenon in nature and only very rarely does an unclouded far-sightedness prevail. But whining about "adverse circumstances" seems to be a widespread phenomenon. Rain, thunderstorms and/or darkness are for me an element of reality on a server and absolutely necessary. Many players should try to spy a person in camouflage at a distance of 500 meters in real life, the result can be very funny. Many seem to forget that their "opponents" are struggling with the same problems ....... so there's no reason to whine.
  13. This can only the server admin in the database.
  14. @ExileServer\addons\exile_server_config\config.cpp Search for class Database
  15. Curious ........ I run A3XAI set to east ...... they attack every player in range ...... but no comrades. And I have Exile 1.0.4a with ryanzombies, extended base mod, CUP terrains core, G.O.S song bin tanh, mozzie, unsung vietnam war mod and CBA. Arma is updated to 1.82