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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. Kuplion, any chance?
  2. Hello, my server running not bad but i just want to know is this allmissionobjects count is normal or nor? allmissionobjects: 4500
  3. Hello, can anyone help me with one thing, im using a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps to spawn quad, and the problem is clients dont pack them after they use it, so they are all over the map, how can i make i timer for this vehicles so they will despawn if you dont interract with them??? thank you

    loot+++, easy money farming, jets, choppers, tanks, balanced
  5. so any chance of unban?
  6. ZAPERDASH it was 31.07 or 01.08
  7. i was banned in exile discord
  8. hello guys please can you remove ban in discord, i was a little upset and tired of all this serverbuilding issues, so i just lost my control in discord when some guy answering my question began to troll me, it wont happen again promise i will just ignore ppl like that next time !! unban please my discord name is ZAPERDASH
  9. here is my infistar config The following 4 options can be disabled by putting the value to -1. For example "TGV = -1;" */ TGV = 40; /* Terrain Grid Value - TGV: if set to 50 grass will be very low for better client FPS.. default is 12.5 ~35 is good performance and grass */ VDV = 3000; /* ViewDistance Value */ VOV = 3000; /* ObjectViewDistance */ SVD = 50; /* ShadowViewDistance */
  10. no change, when the server just started view distance is 3000 then a message popsup "restore view distance and terrain grid" and it become 2000m again
  11. LOL yeah it works great for you because you have default view distance
  12. LOLi know how to open it but i didnt know the positions of the wrong buildings, but now i fixed it, thank you
  13. how did u fix it? i have this problem I wrote everywhere (infistar, init, initserver, initplayerlocal... setTerrainGrid 40;setViewDistance 3000;ObjectViewDistance 3000;ShadowViewDistance 50; and when the server starts i see a message in left corner that says " restoring view distance and terrain grid" and boom it drops to default 2000m wtf? please help im not using Exad im not using app with sliders for view distance
  14. please tell me where i must put this lines to make it work [confirmVehicleOwnership] SQL1_1 = SELECT id, territory_id FROM vehicle WHERE nickname = ? AND territory_id = ? Number of Inputs = 2 SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2 OUTPUT = 1,2
  15. XXX CHERNARUS 2035

    XXX|Exile|Chernarus_2035|Loot++|PVP|Militarized|WIPED10.07| website : https://zaperdash.ru.gg/ DIscord : https://discord.gg/hqceeDV