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  1. Anthonym1989

    Chernarus Redux

    Hello every one i thought i should share my chernarus redux files fully working on exile 104a with custom traders installed and i have included everything in the zip folder please have a look and let know thank you. Google Drive -
  2. Anthonym1989

    Issue with advance traim simulator

    please close this topic you guys were correct trains do work on tonoa as such ive now switch to tonoa lol all working great
  3. Anthonym1989

    Issue with advance traim simulator

    i have search the web and double checked everything mod is active on server side and client side i cant get this to work can some one please look and help me out please and thank you. my arma 3 exile chernarous pbo link
  4. Anthonym1989

    Issue with advance traim simulator

    Done that n went right up and down the track there is no tain at all on track ??
  5. Anthonym1989

    Arma 3 Follow Me

    can people check out my work and look at my channel on youtube and another note im also looking for work if anyone needs help thank you. YouTube
  6. Anthonym1989

    Version Mismatch Home Server

    Not sure if this post is in the right place if not can a admin please place it in the right sector but, ive only notice this because i run my own home server and i was getting a complete version mismatch and cudnt connect i had the latest exile version ect but still nothing then i found the fix heres what you do only works on home server setup. Reusing Steam CMD - the way you setup and install the main server files Run Steam CMD then login as normal login myusername passsword mypassword THEN app_update 233780 validate this will update arma 3 server files to the latest version for the server, now mine is running perfect again HAPPY DAYS!!!!
  7. Anthonym1989

    Chernarous Redux Server

    Chernarous Redux Server Running Exile 104a Missions / Roaming Ai Zombies Customised Settings Server Ip and Port Team Speak Join Us Here anthony.mason89 Skype ID MODS REQUIRED ----- @Exile; @Ryanzombies; @AdvancedRappelling; @AdvancedSlingLoading; @AdvancedTowing; @AdvancedUrbanRappelling; @ASDG_JR; @Extended_Base_Mod; @CBA_A3;@HAP;@FMP;@HVP; @NIArsenal; @CUP Units; @CUP Vehicles; @CUP Weapons; @CUP Terrains - Core; @CUP Terrains - Maps; @Chernarus Redux;
  8. Anthonym1989

    Exile Maiden Complete

    Hello again here is another one of my working server files complete and working please have a look and let know thank you.