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  1. No. Im stuck on loading screen and connecting by steam its telling me that the server dont respond.
  2. Any ideas why im totally ignored ? I did somethink wrong or I ask to diffcoult questions ?
  3. Aktualne ?
  4. I didit correctly this time and same effect. On control panel it shows that server runs but it is not in the server list in arma 3 launcher. wtf ?
  5. No for votes. Votes are fun breaking. I love hard core servers and hate bloody noobs all the fu..n time voting for day time example.
  6. Could You show example how this need to look like ? And what You mean is old ? Server runs on Nitrado for a couple of weeks.
  7. Hi. I copy and paste this... addOns[]= { "exile_client", "a3_map_altis", "Ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions" // Make sure the last entry does not have a comma after it!! }; ...after that my server wont show on server list in arma 3 launcher but in control panel I see that server runs. How its possible ? To be sure. I need add this in to mission.sqm in arma3/mpmission/@exilechernarusredux/mission.sqm at bottom of this file ?
  8. Stupid qestion for some people but how to place that elipse marker ?
  9. I do not play there any more. Now I try create own server. Just saying so I think thats problem cause Exile not Arma 3 it self.
  10. I play breaking point mod for two yeras and I never loose any vehicle by that. I play for some time epoch, viruz, decimation and that never happend to me but in exile many times and for my friend too.
  11. Support says they deleted it but they dont say why. I change one hosting provider to another and that was bad decision. Its more problematic than the first one.
  12. Hello. I have problem with script restritions and I want add exceptions in to createvehicle.txt but cant find anywhere createvehicle.log. Basicly its in arma3-battleye-config together with createvehicle.txt but only that file is there. I check ALL other folders and cannot find it. I search google but no solution founded. I have that file from another server, if I upload it in to my server that will work ?
  13. ..
  14. Read my post above please. Im learning yes and You wrong I meet people who explaning some things step by step and they have no problem with that so...
  15. Just today I move my server in to new provider and I have many things to do there. If any one will be able to help me out so please send PM bicouse I set this topic to have a contact by PM's or by team speak.