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  1. Hey guys does someone have the class names for chernarus by chance? I tried a few but couldn't seem to get it to work, would love to add it!
  2. Ever resolve this?
  3. Not exactly sure what all else to explain on this one but stuff was fine a few days ago, was kind of fixing some other things and never had really looked in buildings for loot or anything as I was working on some things and now... no loot, anywhere in buildings at all. Everything else is fine, vehicles spawn, missions spawn, ai spawn etc it's just loot. RPT: https://ghostbin.com/paste/453bv I'd be extremely grateful for some help or point in the right direction, I tried replacing my exile server cfg's with default ones and stuff but they were pretty much default anyway with the loot spawns so.
  4. How did you solve this?
  5. what did you do? getting this issue, tried the fix above but now the terminal just opens and immediately closes, don't get to even look at the crafting screen. Getting this in my server and client side RPT https://ghostbin.com/paste/hvcbp
  6. Hey guys, any idea what this error is i'm getting on client side? I'm having an issue with my basic repair function and this is spamming my client rpt 17:59:48 Error Zero divisor 17:59:48 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Lythium\CDAH_crafting\logic\CDAH_ExileClient_action_execute.sqf, line 99 17:59:48 Error in expression <rogress = ((diag_tickTime - _startTime) / _duration) min 1; _label ctrlSetText f> 17:59:48 Error position: </ _duration) min 1; _label ctrlSetText f>
  7. Good day all, i'm a bit newer to the arma 3 scipt stuff, would anyone be able to help me or point me in the right direction to add some custom trade stuff in from the CDAH mod? CDAH Items: "CDAH_Ammo_Mold_item", "CDAH_engine_item", "CDAH_crank_shaft_item", "CDAH_car_glass_item", "CDAH_TruckBattery_item", "CDAH_CarBattery_item", "CDAH_Gun_Powder_item", "CDAH_Scrap_metal_item", "CDAH_car_seat_item", "CDAH_piston_item", "CDAH_exhaust_item", "CDAH_rotor_blade_item", "CDAH_carlamp_item", "CDAH_Cartridges_item", "CDAH_Projectiles_item"
  8. Hey I got the climbing working.. a few questions #1 How do you get the little jump or hop to work? My climbing up works but I am not able to jump or climb down, what does the "Use" and "Self Interaction" do under "Enhanced Interaction" and once I do figure out how to get the little jump to work can I make it default to V for the server?
  9. Question about the .bat file for mods and stuff, do all "mod" downloads just go in server mods? and if I changed mine to @EnhancedMovement instead of @Enhanced Movement is that okay?
  10. Hey one question... in your description.ext you have the following: but i'm also using bounties and in the config.cpp it has: Is there a way to use both?
  11. Hey guys, it was mentioned that it was okay to change or remove the exad logo in the top right, where would this be located?
  12. hey! that looks great, i'll try it out right now thanks a bunch
  13. Any exad update?
  14. By just following what's on here?
  15. Hey guys i'm not sure if this is the best spot to put it but does someone have a suggestion for a script that shows kills\range\picture of the weapon etc that I could use? or something similar?