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  1. Really digging this!!! I was messing with some scripts by Alias and having a hard time, so I am VERY glad to see this in here the other day and get it going on my server today. Thanks!!
  2. I did not turn it off completely... but reduced it to 100 meters. They still came from all over.
  3. I tried it out for about a month... and while we were quite stoked with most of the Vcom3 AI's behavior, I could not get them from taking off from Missions to do what ever they wanted. At one, very comical, point... almost every group of AI across the map started heading towards the tower I was snipping from. As if the roaming Helicopters were flying around telling all the mission and roaming groups where I was. hahaha Was funny for me, but wasn't as funny when like things happened to other players. We did quite enjoy the aggressiveness of the Vcom3 AI, compared to our normal ASR_AI3 being more defensive acting. I may revisit Vcom3 again soon... or try to incorporate parts of it to work along with ASR_AI .
  4. So far this has been pretty dang sweet!!! Problem I am having... When a player is on the "secondary" weapon , their inventory shows their poptabs to be 999999 and the ground to have 999999/999999 poptabs. Swapping back to the "primary" weapon and their poptab count is back to normal.
  5. Yep! Scripts version seems to be working good for me as well. I am not getting that error in my logs though.. no errors for Vcom at all.
  6. I did a few tweaks to the mission's AI, loot and language... but ran through it at a high difficulty and had a GREAT amount of fun. I might note that the Maze is pretty cool, but any server running Enhanced Movement, the players can climb over the walls from inside for a little "cheat" here and there. I may add a ceiling under the dirt layer to prevent that on my server... or might not. hahaha Thanks for sharing!
  7. Tried to use the Mod version of v3 and it broke all sorts of things. Exile UI was gone for one.... haha
  8. US420 - Exile PvE Militarized

    Militarized PvE Survival.... Missions, Roaming AI, non-combat extras... bla bla bla Client side Mods: CUP, RHS, Enhanced Movement, Extended Base Mod, Extended Survival Pack, Fox Survival Cars Server side mods: of Revive, Advanced Towing, Advanced Sling Load, R3F Logisitics, IgiLoad, Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Outlawl's Mag Repack, Vector Building
  9. I was kinda in the hopes that I would not have to install all of ExAd again just for this one awesome app. hehehhe But if I have to... I guess eventually I will. haha
  10. Anyone converting this to the new Exile 1.0.4 XM8 app system?
  11. So I was just having this battle myself... and I was able to solve it, and thought I would share my fix. First I have the mod installed as scripts in my mpmission. In the infistar help chat they suggested white-listing 1601 .. that did not work. Waiting for other help I attacked the script files myself. In the mpmissions\Exile.Altis\outlw_magRepack\Configs folder are 3 files we will edit... MagRepack_Dialog_About.hpp , MagRepack_Dialog_Keybindings.hpp & MagRepack_Dialog_Main.hpp towards the top of each is: idd = -1; change to: idd = 1601; I set it to 1601 because it was already whitelisted in my EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp file. Repacked my mission, ran it and it works. No more kick & ban.