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  1. MrNeal

    Fastnights setup

    Thank you @Z80CPU I really appreciate the help. Wish there were more like you
  2. MrNeal

    Fastnights setup

    Hi, Can anyone help with a 4 hour restart. im looking to have 3:45 daytime and the last 15 mins as night time. These are my current settings in occupation SC_fastNightsStarts = 18; // Start fast nights at this hour (24 hour clock) eg. 18 for 6pm SC_fastNightsMultiplierNight = 96; // the time multiplier to use at night (12 = 12x speed) DEFAULT 24 SC_fastNightsEnds = 6; // End fast nights at this hour (24 hour clock) eg. 6 for 6am SC_fastNightsMultiplierDay = 4; // the time multiplier to use during daylight hours (4 = 4x speed)DEFAULT 4 And this in config staticTime[] = {2015,10,3,06,00}; Thanks
  3. Guys, Has anyone got a guide on how to setup the headless client with the blckeagls Mission?
  4. MrNeal

    Crash Loot

    This is great. Nice one @HexicGaming Have you explored crate retrieval as well as most vehicles are carrying crates back from missions?
  5. MrNeal

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    Thanks @aussie battler Removing the install is not a biggie at the moment and is the lesser of two evils.
  6. MrNeal

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    Hey all, I have noticed that if I use the R3F mod to move crates via "Take supply box", when the server restarts the crates are empty and not in the same position as I left them. But when I use Exile's "Move" function, they hold their contents and are in the same place as they were put in. I have ran a couple of tests on different servers to be sure and the crate in question is Exile_Container_SupplyBox, has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?
  7. MrNeal

    Interior Lock & Unlock

  8. MrNeal

    Interior Lock & Unlock

    @Beowulfv This works well, thank you.
  9. MrNeal

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Guys, quick question. Does anyone else have issues with mines spawning. I get the minefield markers (Signs) but not the actual mines.
  10. MrNeal

    [TOOL] Online Trader Inflation

    Wow, That is stupidly simple, fast and accurate. Thanks and well done! @geekm0nkey More people should be using this!
  11. MrNeal

    Removal of RHS equipment and vehicles from database

    @Beowulfv Thanks, my best option was to remove all traces of RHS via the database and with your help was easy. I only had to update this 'RHS%' to '%RHS%' to get rid of the last few. Thank you for your time you were very helpful
  12. Hi, I have removed RHS for my server and obviously, there are a lot of players with RHS weapons, ammo and vehicles etc. Would anyone help me with a query to remove anything starting with RHS. I don't know if you can use wildcards with database queries and have zero experience so would obviously make a backup and would prefer to test of one player first. Thanks
  13. MrNeal

    Unknown Errors

    Hi, Can anyone advise me on what my be causing these errors? I have done as much research as I can and I think they are relating to the database but that's only by other peoples questions and answers around the same sort of issue. Thanks
  14. Hi all, Is there a best way to change the attack helicopters to less aggressive ones like the pawne? I assume its changing this blck_patrolHelisOrange = _blck_armed_attackHelis + _blck_armed_heavyAttackHelis; to this blck_patrolHelisOrange = _blck_armed_hellcats + _blck_littleBirds; on blck_configs_mil Thanks
  15. Hello, I have been trying to find the cause of some server LAG on Altis map but more important players are saying that their vehicles, Safe and containers as well as their contents is disappearing after restart. At first I assumed I had too much running so reduced AI and missions running etc but then noticed these RPT errors (Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 154759208 ) and think it may be related. I have done a Google search and will try a couple of suggestions like updating the Basic.cfg to the following: Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Solved by reinstalling various scripts