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  1. MrNeal

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    Hello, where is this located? ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_apps_onOpen Found it: Exile-Server/@exile/addons/exile_client/code/ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_apps_onOpen.sqf
  2. Hi, Can anyone help identify what the problem is here. We have blue map markers showing on the map where players are / were a few minutes ago, also there are green markers that show the players names as well as all the base markers on the map for everybody to see. The markers for yourself and others don't update, sometimes there are 2 or 3 markers for the same person on the map at the same time. This first appeared after installing EXAD, UAV Hacker, Bounty script and Bury Corpse script. ( i know I shouldn't had done them all in one go but for me it was looking fine in the test server. I then removed all the scripts, as there were complaints of massive FPS drops from the players so I thought it may have been EXAD then reports came in showing the map looked like below. Does anyone know what may have caused all the markers to show? Thanks
  3. SOLVED BELOW - Left for others This may be a silly question but there are 2 files in the config for example: blck_configs and blck_configs_mil, one is military and the other standard, which is the same for the other files such as blck_configs_exile and blck_configs_exile_mil which I understand but how do I see which one is actually used by my server or are they all used? I have read the instructions a few times but for the life of me can't see anything obvious other than: Update: Found it - Apologies
  4. Fantastic work Ghostrider-DBD, it's great to see something fresh and you have clearly spent a serious amount of time on the scripts. Same as the others, the captive and hostage missions are not completing so have disabled them from the moment.
  5. MrNeal

    RHS Grenades not work!

    Nice work El Rabito
  6. MrNeal

    Show off your base.

    This is one of my efforts, love the wood effect compared to concrete
  7. MrNeal

    Monkey's Welcome Toasts

    Hi Monkeynutz, First of all, thank you for spending the time and effort in creating this and other great scripts / mods. I have a question that may help others. I followed your instructions to install the script but found each time I tried it, I had no trader AI's. I eventually removed these lines and it worked perfectly. I just wanted to ask what these lines were for/ if they were important and hope this can be useful to others (Unless I was supposed to remove it) Apologies in advance if i'm being dumb but learning the ropes.