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  1. It seems like the developers and community have made their choice of the development of an IOS application. There is no point for me to argue..
  2. showHUD is what disables the native default Arma 3 HUD options if you look at the biwiki you will see. [hud, info, radar, compass, direction, menu, group, cursors, panels]
  3. showHUD Now, this will help you ~ this will be in your description.ext in your main <mission root> folder. Enjoy
  4. From what I've heard Exile Escape is newly in the picture and only just released, so expect bugs. I'm sure within future updates there will be clear documentation of the setup until then. Please provide your setup of your exile_server_config server.cfg Thanks
  5. Still makes zero sense to me on why the official development team haven't adapted this package and utilised extDB3 already. ExtDB3 holds supporting updates of SQL_CUSTOM which obviously Exile Mod currently utilises for prepared SQL queries.. The changes held from extDB2 to extDB3 is significant and I can see great benefits for the official development team adapting it. https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/extDB3 - Changes from extDB2 Thanks.
  6. Fixed by using CUP release from their website http://cup-arma3.org/
  7. I have a problem with my mission loading in with CUP Assets specifically on Chernarus. RPT Server Log Start Server Bat Server.cfg Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank You
  8. Explaining how you did can resolve many other open support cases!
  9. To publish an application it's around $100
  10. I mean I know the XM8 App for Apple is something which a lot would attract too. Maybe Exile should think about putting up budget goals with what they would get. e.g. - New Models - App Development * App Store Publishment. For Example
  11. Read from Bank I have mods setup correctly and the mission.sqm is correct yet it still puts through read from bank. Even though in .RPT it says about a DB Error it's not, that's only occurring due to worldName error.. on Altis it works fine. .RPT https://hastebin.com/ejedubibec.tex .Launch Bat https://hastebin.com/detolaqami.php .Mission SQM https://hastebin.com/azokiguwef.scala
  12. As we all know the XM8 Phone App was planned not just for Android but for Apple as well, is this still on-going thought of creating an Apple supporting version of the app or is this out the picture!