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    Can´t repair Tanks with Ducttape

    Thank you both, that worked!
  2. Boewi91

    Can´t repair Tanks with Ducttape

    Hello, since the tanks DLC i can´t repair any tank with ducttape, i have the topic "repair" in the dropdown menu, but if i select it nothing happens, no animation, no note or errormessage. when i try to repair a car, jet or chopper it works. can somebody help me please?
  3. Hello Guys, When i restart my Server then all constructions get removed from the territories, except the flags. I tried: - New DB - Fill "NULL" in DB - Pay Territory money - change territory settings in config.cpp Vehicles and stats get saved but not the Buildings. But! they are in the db in the constructions table. System VMWare Server 2008RS Datacenter 64 12GB Ram 8 CPU MySQL 5.7 I hope that i get it running soon.
  4. Boewi91

    Arma Hud in Exile

    Hello there, is it possible to use the standart Arma 3 HUD? Many Informations are missing in the Exile HUD on my Server and i would like to have the original Arma 3 HUD. Thanks a Lot
  5. Boewi91

    Changing the Fuel Capacity

    But when I play on some servers they have just normal fuel capacity... So it would be easier to add some mods with different tanks than to use the originals?
  6. Boewi91

    Changing the Fuel Capacity

    I can‘t find the mod which can change that...
  7. Boewi91

    Changing the Fuel Capacity

    Hello there, i set up my Arma 3 Server and added some Vehicles like the T100 Varsuk or the Kuma. The problem is that the Varsuk has only fuel capacity of i guess 16 or 20l, is there a way to change that? I guess it can be in the CfgVehicles but i cant find it anywhere. Thank you.