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  1. buddy I have done precisely those instructions and reinstalled exad and had zero luck its literally driving me insane me and 2 others have spent the past week trying to sort it out ...
  2. ok can you please tell me what exactly I need to "modify" in order to get my stats bar and view distance changer working again please. and also in simple terms as I am not use to running servers lol . thanks
  3. ok so an update my virtual garage is now working however my last 2 issues are I no longer have a statsbar for some reason and also I don't have the viewdistance option within the xm8. any advice regarding this would be very helpful also these issues are only occurring since the most recent exile update..
  4. ok so 1st time posting on forums if anything on any forums at all lol so I will try and make this brief... OK so, 1st of all I have a arma 3 exile server with GTXgaming I have just installed the new exile update within server "Pineapple 1.0.4" now I cannot get exiles Virtual garage to work option to store in there you proceed to choose a "nickname" for said vehicle upon which u click store and nothing happens whatsoever no errors within logs absolutely nothing, that's the 1st problem NOW 2nd issue I'm facing is status bar within server prior to update I had the whole "ExaD stats bar etc,VG "which also never worked" , and so on however stats bar did now ive just installed creampies status bar ? so went well server started 1st time upon doing setup statusbar "very surprised for me lol" however when I joined the server to check it I did so as an admin obviously and I was confronted just before finishing loading in with don't quote me "Osefstatusbar Admin not found" . if anybody would like to perhaps shed some light on my issues please, don't hesitate Kind Regard's Daniel.