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  1. But the problem is, every player got like a 400-1500 Ping. If you shoot with a MK200, you can hear the lag and also when you drive a car, other cars are lagging.
  2. Hi, I've searched a lot about fixing the Server FPS, but I didn't manage to get this problem off of the server. Im running a Altis Life server (I know this forum is based on Exile, but I dont know where I can get some help if not here) and as soon as the server gets more than 31 Players, the Server FPS are going to max. 40. Now we got 63 Players and we have like 11-13 server FPS. We tried different servers by now, and the problem isn't really the server. We are using a Linux server, running the latest Performance Build by Dwarden. The Specs are: Intel Core i7-7700K, 4 Cores, 8 Threads 2600 DDR4 Ram SSD Raid 120GB. We also got a HeadlessClient, which takes care of the Database, which means, that our main server only concentrates on the players. If I didn't get you enough Informations about the problem, please write what you want to know. Thanks.