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  1. The account was banned for hacking and the appeal has already been denied, coming here will not change that.
  2. i plan not to hack again If you are detected on a new account the ban will remain unless you have a successful appeal. We provide a service to our customers the above method just isn't how things work.
  3. Hi Guys, There was a slight problem with our DLL files this issue should be resolved now if you are still having this problem delete the DLL files and download https://share.infistar.de/armalog.dll https://share.infistar.de/armalog_x64.dll and install them in the @ infiSTAR directory this will keep them updated automatically just make sure to remove all old DLL files from within your Arma3Server root directory.
  4. DELETE FROM `player` WHERE `account_uid` ^^ Delete ur player from the players table in the database.
  5. Could you describe the actual problem, is the server not displaying?
  6. Just send the thread next time you submit tickets @geekm0nkey easier to understand.
  7. lol
  8. Please appeal this ban via our discord.
  9. I doubt it's a global ban since you would see the message if playing exile, if you could post your UID below I can check this for you.
  10. You should leave suggestions like this on our forums or in the infiSTAR anti hack section.
  11. Upload your RPT logs the logs above have expired.
  12. I would also highly recommend ovh or for a cheaper alternative their sister company https://www.soyoustart.com